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How Do You Read Music? | DFW Music Lessons

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American Poet & Educator (1807-1882)



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How To Restring a Guitar, Ukulele, and Bass

Restringing a guitar means that it applies to all types of guitars including electric guitar, acoustic, ukulele, and bass guitar but slightly differs in some features. There are a lot of things to discuss before we move on to our main topic. 


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What Do You Learn in Music Class? | DFW Private Music Lessons


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How Busy Working Parents Join Kids in Music Lessons | DFW

"I dream to become a success at work and at home."

- Suzie, busy working mom


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How to Motivate a Child to Learn a Musical Instrument | DFW Music Lessons



Students are motivated to play an instrument on holidays such as Christmas and New year because of the happy holiday energy and that schools require them to perform on stage. They're the happiest at performing because they look good and they are being filmed at their performance.

But once the holidays ended, they seem to be uninterested to play anymore. It's fizzled out, and they're not at..


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Successful Parents Guide to Getting their Kids to Practice

At the beginning of music lessons, the student is always excited and interested. One, because they want to make sure they practice for their teacher. It's new and they're afraid that their teacher might think worse of them. That's always helpful in the beginning, motivating the kids and even adults to practice. Then that wears off when they find out that the teacher is kind, patient, and graceful.


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How Do Group Music Lessons Work? | DFW Music School


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Best Camps for Kids in Dallas-Fort Worth 2022

Why settle on expensive vacations outside DFW  and suffer long road trips?  Although places some may give you the best experience, there are a lot of camps in DFW that you should be enrolling your child in. Here are the best camps for kids in Dallas Forth Worth this 2022:



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DIY: 3 Best Free Ways to Learn Drums Without a Drumset!! 


If you cannot find a good drumset according to budget, then here the best free and DIY ways to learn drums without a drumset!

Forget air drumming, effectiveness is better than imagination. 


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What’s an Adult Band Date at Creative Soul? | DFW

Valentine's day is fast approaching! You might have checked the best restaurants or coffee shops to visit in Dallas Fort Worth. Valentine's sales at malls are also a great time for massive shopping. And a vacation nearby is also a good refreshment for us who are stressed at work or at school.


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