Parent and Student FAQs

I am a complete beginner, how long does it take to learn an instrument?

That's a tough question, because it differs for every person. Those who really enjoy challenges usually do very well. The trick is to enjoy the entire learning process, play and practice, and eventually jam or play in an ensemble. Many students play very well in six to nine months, yet others do very well within a year. Being able to play in a band is exciting and great for building confidence. The majority of our students continue lessons long term because they want to constantly improve and they find the lessons stimulating and enjoyable.

Note: learning to play piano solo often takes longer than playing piano with a band.


Do I need a piano at home to take piano lessons?

Eventually you may want to purchase a piano, but you can start on an electric keyboard. We recommend a keyboard with full sized keys and a touch sensitive response.  If you need help picking the right instrument contact our Front Desk (817) 985-4638

I need to shorten my lesson time.  How does this work?

We can only do downgrades at the start of each billing cycle.  So, if it's a mid-month request, we can make the arrangement, but the adjusted time will not begin until the 1st of the next month.

I'd like to increase my lesson time.  How does this work?

Upgrades can be done at any time, subject to scheduling availbility.  You'll be billed the difference in tuition, and if it's mid-month, you'll be prorated.

Do I need my own instrument for lessons and classes?

Yes, you will need your own instrument. Our Front Desk can assist you in finding the right instrument to fit your needs and budget. Renting and borrowing instruments are also options to consider

My child is interested in learning the guitar. Does he/she have to begin on an acoustic or is it ok to start on an electric?

A student can learn how to play guitar using either an acoustic or an electric because the notes and the chords are the same. We always advise the parent to get the opinion of the child if he has one, since for some children emulating their favorite artist will motivate them to practice more. The advantage of beginning on an electric is that it has lighter string tension, which means it will take less strength to get a good tone. The advantage of having an acoustic is that you can practice anywhere because you don't need an amp. And for parents with sensitive ears, most beginner amps for electric guitars can be used with headphones

Do I need a full drum set to take drum lessons?

No, a full set is not needed to begin drum lessons. Students can start by using a practice pad. This is a small, dinner plate sized pad that is used for practicing basic drum rhythms. There are also smaller drum sets for younger beginners priced under $200. Having a full set of drums, even a beginner set, is often a good motivator for most kids to practice

I don’t have any musical background or ability; can I still help my child practice?

Yes. By simply monitoring your child and developing a practice schedule is a great start. Parents are encouraged to observe during lessons to get an idea of what the song is supposed to sound like, or the proper position for playing the instrument. Weekly lesson plans are provided, which outline what the student is learning. Parents are encouraged to ask the student to practice and demonstrate each item on the lesson plan

My child is only interested in rock and roll, can he benefit from taking lessons?

No matter what style of music a person is interested in, the fundamentals of music still apply. Learning the terminology (language) of music and developing a comprehensive knowledge of music does not impede one’s ability to "rock out". It actually allows the development and advancement into higher levels of playing, no matter what style they prefer

Are group classes or private lessons better for learning music?

Private lessons are great for learning technical facility of your instrument.  It is also easier for the instructor to tailor to the students needs and interests in a one on one environment.  Group environments (ex. Rock Band, Group Instrument) have more opportunity for students to have fun, build confidence and share their musical experience.  Facebook is popular because we want to share our experiences and lives together, this is similar to why joining a Band will be more effective for your child's social and emotional growth. If you still have questions regarding which program is best, let our Front Desk ask some key questions to help you.