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Band Date Night - Music Experiences for Adults


Not Your Typical Date or Friends Night Out!

  • Adults Can Have Fun Too with us!

    Learn a song in 5 min without ever touching an instrument beforehand!!!! Band Date is our popular fun Adult Band Date Night Music Experience offered at high demand at all 3 locations! No matter what your skill level is we are going to have a blast!

  • How Does It Work:

    We put complete beginners and advanced musicians, and anyone in between, on the guest list. You come in, jump on an instrument, learn two songs from our professional Instructor team, and within 2 hours, you perform on stage for the rest of the crowd!

  • Who Is It For?

    Great for date night or girls night out or fun with your friends. **No Experience Necessary**

Band Date Night Music Experience Upcoming Events

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Fort Worth:

May 30th 2021


July 3rd 2021



Sat 7-9pm