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Early Childhood Classes

Creative Soul Music School offers classes for ages 0-3 and 4-6 

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Lil' Soul Music Class

Weekly Class for Young Children

Ages 4-6

This small group 60-minute music class option is an educational and fun way to teach the basic music fundamentals, as well as give moms and dads a well deserved break!

We amp up the fun with our free Musical Ladder Achievement System where they earn bands & trophies as they progress in their classes!

PLUS!  Students build confidence & performance skills twice a year with free opportunities to PERFORM as a group at amazing venues in DFW such as Bass Hall, The Palace in Historic Grapevine & more! Great for family memories!

Our Goal in our young children music classes is to teach children the basic elements of music and performance skills.

This small group class will introduce young students to the world of stage performing. Each class will include basic musical concepts, singing, general instrument introduction and movement. 

We'll teach the following concepts through fun and engaging activities!

  • Fast/Slow and Long/Short
  • High/Low and Loud/Soft Sounds
  • Learn about the Stage and Microphones
  • Notes and Rests
  • Skits and Monologues
  • The Musical Staff
  • Basic Dance Choreography
  • Rhythm, Pitch, and Tempo

Each class will feature the use of pitched and non-pitched instruments as well as other manipulatives, such as balls, scarves, shakers, keyboard, rhythm sticks, drums, woodblocks, bells, and ropes.



Mommy Baby Makin' Music Classes
Weekly bonding class for Ages 0-3


We are no strangers to the sippy-cup crowd! This weekly 45-minute small group class is great family time through the introduction of music for parents, grandparents, & families!

Young children love music and rhythm just as much as we do.  Come join our early childhood music class to encourage, equip and build on the foundation of rhythmic learning.

Our award-winning infant and toddler music classes feature trained, family friendly and enthusiastic teachers who lead the class in a strong music environment full of fun!  Not only do our music classes have a strong educational foundation, they are incredibly exciting, fast paced to hold short attention spans, and full of energy!

Our music classes integrate well with pre-school curriculum objectives that will reinforce concepts learned with us in these classes. As well as build upon the following key milestones for your child:

  • cognitive development
  • language development
  • gross motor skills
  • math readiness
  • memorization
  • life & social skills
  • imagination
  • imitation
  • spatial skills
  • pitch and tempo
  • nature/social studies
  • …and more
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