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Team Building


Our corporate team building event is a creative fun way to build good memories for your team. We are confident our band experience will be a "homerun" event. Whether we are playing "Don't stop believing" by Journey or writing your own company song, this will be a memory no one on your team will forget. There is a reason being in a band and learning an instrument is a top 5 bucket list option.

Your Two Hour Event Includes

  • 1 hour of band coaching with
  • 1 hour performance for your team members
  • Optional experience a real live recording session with a cd for each team members
  • Optional videographer for Music Video.

For more information or to schedule a party, call Casey at (682) 200-9612 or email us at Casey@creativesoulmusic.com.

Choose from two themes: (Great for Breakouts & Keynotes)

  • Rock Star Band Battle Format

    No Experience Necessary

    We pick the bands based on your current company team goals, i.e improving communication with Accounting and Sales. Then we assign instruments and teach parts. After 1 hour hour of band coaching we get ready to perform for the group..

  • Songwriting Workshop

    No Experience Necessary

    Unique team building experience where we help you write Your own.This is an engaging fun experience where our professional songwriters will make you laugh while helping you create a song that will last forever. This innovative workshop is a creative solution to team building and invites your team to collaborate and work together through a systematic process that all songwriters use. Yes we are creative, but like every successful songwriter there is a systematic process to writing songs that last.

Note to Event Planners

  • We suggest booking your party at least 3 months in advance to ensure that your time and date are available.
  • Team Member Requirements: Be able to count to five.....Seriously
  • We do travel