About Us

Our Mission Statement

Bringing Families Together Through Music Lessons.

School History

Creative Soul School of Modern Music offers music education to aspiring musicians of all ages and skill levels within a supportive and encouraging environment at three convenient, family-friendly locations. Our team of Instructors is committed to innovative teaching and is here to serve you, whether you enjoy playing Rock, Popular, Folk, Blues or Jazz.

Founded in 2006, Creative Soul is building a music community where musicians can have fun learning, while instilling confidence, discipline, and recognition. Our schools are professionally managed and include performance venues where our students perform in private student showcases, songwriter nights, and rock band concerts throughout the year.

Our classes are tailored to the individual students’ music interests and learning needs. Lesson curriculum is designed specifically by our Instructors for our students in order to develop basic music fundamentals while motivating students through all genres of music. Our dedicated and passionate professionals at Creative Soul will provide tools for students to realize their potential for voice, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, bass, drums, horns, songwriting, bands, and ensembles.

Our Goal

Instill Confidence

  • Creating an environment where each student’s unique talents and goals are recognized and supported.

Build Relationships and Community

  • Offer classes that actively promote an environment of respect, foster teamwork, and build relationships.

Motivate Learning

  • Building programs that allow students to experience all aspects of musicianship through fun, creative classes that expose students to all musical genres.

Develop Character

  • Building great musicians with great character values. "Ability may get you to the top, but it's Character that will keep you there." John Wooden

Provide Innovative Music Curriculum

  • Provide an innovative curriculum by incorporating state of the art software and educational resources.
We look forward to serving you!