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 Great GROUP ClassES in a  "rock band"  format

  • Student Bands

  • Weekly 60min Band Practice with experienced Instructor
  • Free Performances twice a year + additional Gig Opportunities
  • Why learn in a band format?

  • Help make content learning in private lessons "stick"
  • Shared value peer groups encourage & challenge students
  • Experiences you'll remember!



Is great for beginners--for those that have picked around a little, or even for those that have never picked up an instrument, Rock Band 101 is the place for you. You'll be on your way to a full-fledged band experience in week one. And perform at an end of the term concert!

  • Why Choose A Band?

  • Learn and improve instrument motor skills
  • Build peer relationships and improve teamwork skills
  • Learn responsibility and accountability - Your band is counting on you to bring all you can to practice every single week
  • Commitment terms required for all band members
  • Accountability for caring and maintaining your instrument, as well as showing up for practice prepared
  • Learn stage presence and confidence building skills
  • Learn to be a leader in your local school, church, or community
  • Most important: Have fun!
  • How It Works

  • Get placed in a band-grouped by age and skill level
  • Learn Skills on an Instrument -Guitars, Bass, Voice, Keys, Drums
  • Instruction by our rockin' staff
  • Perform!

 Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do Band Students Need Experience?

Beginners are always welcome.  Our biggest goal is to fit the right group of students together based on age and interest.  Because in a band each instrument is learning on their own, we can have varying skill levels and even complete beginners playing together.  Our only prerequisite is that the  student can hold a beat.  

 What is the schedule for band practice?

If you are ready to start, we will give you a few times after we determine what instrument you want to play and try-out. 

What kind of music will they play?

Mostly popular music or worship that we have curated ahead of time, and sometimes originals if we have some budding songwriters.  Censoring of music is very important to us, so we strive to have family friendly music.

What can I learn in Band?

Our instruments:

What is the age groups for the band?

This varies so much on scheduling, instrument and interests.  But generally we group ages by:

7-10 yrs
10-13 yrs
13-15 yrs

Could we play in a band as a family or multiple families?

Yes, we have an "Add A Parent" Music Lesson Program too.  But we are always looking for ways to have once in a lifetime experiences, and playing together with mom and dad is powerfully impacting to relating and improving family connections and having great memories as well

I am a complete beginner, how long does it take to learn an instrument?

Many students play very well in six to nine months, yet others do very well within a year. The trick is to enjoy the entire learning process, play and practice, and eventually jam or play in an ensemble. Being able to play in a band is exciting and great for building confidence. The majority of our students continue lessons long term because they want to constantly improve and they find the lessons stimulating and enjoyable.

Note: learning to play piano solo often takes longer than playing piano with a band.


I need to shorten my lesson time.  How does this work?

Just put in a 30-day notice and we can downgrade within 30 days no problem.

How much is the Band Program?

$135 for the month.

Is there a discount for both band and private lessons?

YES, there is a $20 discount off private lessons if you do both.  

Do I need my own instrument for lessons and classes?

Yes, you will need to bring your own instrument. However, we do provide drum sets, amps, keyboards, & pianos on site. 

See what instrument that suits your budget:

Best Pianos ($100-$500)

Best Guitar ($100-$500)

Best Drum Sets ($500-$1,500)

Best Ukes ($39.99 - $99)

Best Violins ($67.95 - $279)

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