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 Great GROUP ClassES in a  "rock band"  format

  • Student Bands

  • Weekly 60min Band Practice with experienced Instructor
  • Free Performances twice a year + additional Gig Opportunities
  • Why learn in a band format?

  • Help make content learning in private lessons "stick"
  • Shared value peer groups encourage & challenge students
  • Experiences you'll remember!



Is great for beginners--for those that have picked around a little, or even for those that have never picked up an instrument, Rock Band 101 is the place for you. You'll be on your way to a full-fledged band experience in week one. And perform at an end of the term concert!

  • Why Choose A Band?

  • Learn and improve instrument motor skills
  • Build peer relationships and improve teamwork skills
  • Learn responsibility and accountability - Your band is counting on you to bring all you can to practice every single week
  • Commitment terms required for all band members
  • Accountability for caring and maintaining your instrument, as well as showing up for practice prepared
  • Learn stage presence and confidence building skills
  • Learn to be a leader in your local school, church, or community
  • Most important: Have fun!
  • How It Works

  • Get placed in a band-grouped by age and skill level
  • Learn Skills on an Instrument -Guitars, Bass, Voice, Keys, Drums
  • Instruction by our rockin' staff
  • Perform!