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From decorated recitalists to award winning composers including members of the Dallas Symphony and National Touring Artists, our faculty is dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them. We are confident that we have the right teacher to meet your music lesson needs. Our faculty have instrument specific university degrees from prestigious institutions such as Universtiy of North Texas, Berklee College of Music and many others.. In addition, faculty members have warm personalities and are dedicated to teaching you the style and genre of music that you want to learn.


Antwan grew up performing music in a town of Meridian, MS! He and his wife has been living in Dallas, TX for at least 5 months. He’s a graduate of the University of Southern Miss with a Bachelor’s in Jazz Studies on the Saxophone. Antwan was a head middle school Band Director and also an assistant high school director for 3 years in MS. Learning to play and to be able to teach all wind instruments, piano, and percussion/drums was a very challenging, but humbling experience! Antwan always had a passion for performing, but also love teaching just as much. Students need a mentor in their life to show them how to succeed not just musically, but with life challenges as well, and this is why Antwan is apart of Creative Soul Music School!

What Antwan Teaches:
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Rebekah, from Godley, Texas, is a pianist, singer, songwriter, and has recently dived into the world of playing the cello as well. She is a recent graduate of Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas where she received her bachelors degree in music business. She began playing piano approximately ten years ago, not knowing that this side hobby would develop into a deep passion for music. Her primary instrument of study while in college was piano, although she also participated in either Chamber Choir or Select Women’s Ensemble for the entirety of her time at Tarleton, and had the great honor of traveling to New York City with the Tarleton Chamber Choir to perform at Carnegie Hall. Rebekah also began playing piano on the worship team at her church in Granbury, Texas five years ago. Here Rebekah realized the power of music and how it can transform lives. She now is a co-lead singer and songwriter on the worship team, known as The Beloved, and they are very excited to record and release their first album later this year. Becoming a lead singer for the team, however, was quite a bit of a journey for Rebekah. Rebekah has loved to sing ever since she was a little girl, but was always too afraid to sing publicly. That all changed a few years ago when she attended a songwriting retreat held by the worship team she was playing piano for. At this retreat she wrote a song and through much coercion sang it to the team. Little did she know this simple act would create a profound effect in her life. Not only did the band learn the song, but she went on to lead it at church, thus beginning her journey to becoming a lead singer in the group. She later went through the process of copyrighting that song, which will be featured on the group’s upcoming album. This song would then lead to a new passion for Rebekah- songwriting- as well as a new mission to help other musicians who struggle with fear and insecurities to realize their full potential and accomplish their dreams. Rebekah is excited for her present and future musical adventures and would love to see her students excited about their musical journeys as well! She is very excited to be a part of Creative Soul School of Music and the amazing mission they have to impact lives through music.


Cydney, age 26, graduated with a Bachelors in Music and Worship Ministry in December 2017. Singing for as long as she can remember, she also plays the piano, ukulele, and enjoys songwriting as well. Her favorite movie is a tie between the Avengers series and Beauty and the Beast. She really loves to watch kids grow and see how they see the world around them. She believes a child's imagination and creativity is a wonderful thing that should be nurtured. She can't wait to help your child use music as an outlet for their creative mind.


When Michael sang Come Together at a sixth grade concert and heard whoops and hollers of appreciation he knew he wanted music and performance to be a big part of his life. Michael comes from a musical family, with a dad who’s a professional musician, a brother who’s an award winning pianist and percussionist, and a sister who sings and performs on guitar. Michael started on bass (thanks to Paul McCartney as well as his dad’s promise that bass players work a lot) and has held down the bottom in his own band MP3 and the Jeh Horton Band as well as lending his talents to area schools’ music departments. Fascination with music theory and chord structure brought Michael to guitar a few years later. A versatile guitarist, he plays both acoustic and electric in all styles. Michael has applied his guitar talents to MP3 and held the guitar chair in his high school Jazz Band. He has also performed duo/solo gigs as a guitarist/vocalist. Peterson is also a vocalist in many styles, including classical, opera, and rock and roll. He studied under the esteemed TCU voice professor Dr. Scott Ferrell, learning the voice mechanics and techniques necessary for any genre of vocal music. He is the lead singer of his own classic rock group MP3 and has solo and ensemble experience in choir and Broadway musical styles. Michael loves teaching as much as performing: “Besides sharing my love of music I enjoy seeing a concept finally click in a student’s mind,” says Peterson. “I know the thrill of that feeling when something you thought was impossible becomes possible, and I like to see that thrill in students.”


Devon, from Burleson, Texas, is a musician specializing in old time fiddling and acoustic “Swing Rhythm” guitar accompaniment. The old time Texas style of fiddling is Devon’s favorite along with Western Swing and bluegrass. From very early in his career he listened endlessly to various musicians and bands, enjoying and studying their styles and techniques. His collection of music ranges from MP3’s to 78 RPM phonograph records. His guitar studies have expanded beyond Texas style fiddle accompaniment to include swing, jazz and country music from the 30’s thru the 60’s. His musical influences include fiddle players such as Benny Thomasson, Norman and Vernon Solomon, Terry Morris, Herman Johnson, Orville Burns, Paul Warren, and Tommy Jackson, to name a few. His favorite guitar players include the likes of Eldon Shamblin, Billy Strange, Homer Haynes, Joey McKenzie, Royce and Ray Franklin, Omega Burden and Freddie Green. Currently Devon plays gigs and contests around the state as well as teaching private lessons!


Caitlin was born and raised in the DFW metroplex and has been involved with music and children for nearly 5 years. She’s performed in talent shows, school choir competitions and church events since the age of 13. While many may enjoy working with children, they are Caitlin’s heart and delight. At the age of seventeen, Caitlin became an assistant director for a ministry called Children of Glory where she helped direct children’s worship teams and services. Since then, she has been involved with multiple worship teams and children’s ministries, dedicating herself to the development of children through the expression of music. Caitlin teaches piano, knowing that one gains so much more than just the ability to play the instrument. How valuable is it to learn a skill that ultimately improves speech, language, memory, attention, and even the ability to convey your thoughts better vocally? She has a deep love for music and is excited to teach this valuable skill to children whodesire to develop their creative souls through lessons at Creative Soul School of Music.


With a music degree from the Conservatory of Music in Havana, David is one of our internationally acclaimed musicians, having toured all over the world with multiple artists and a broad range of venues. His positive outlook, upbeat and encouraging attitude is contagious to our Creative Soul Team and an inspiration to his students. As a Band Leader, music producer, drummer & percussionist he has traveled the world touring with International Jazz Artist Brooks Giles & British Rock Band Contraplans, China artist Lee Rong Hao, Amanda Wood from Canada the Groove System Drum Clinics, shows in Beijing with Trina Johnson Finn, singer from Sly and The Family Stone, the Green House Studio, Bertie Higgins, Jackson Twins. He performed on the TV Show with the Pianist from Germany Joja Wendt at BTV. He's also performed at multiple international festivals such as the Shanghai Jazz Fest with Artist Jay-Dub and Donghai Music Festival with Nancy J Brown, the Beijing Music Festival, also teaching Drum Clinics at Beijing School of Music, and helping produce album projects for Amanda Wood in Beijing.


Drums/Student Bands Born and raised in Texas, Johnny Garcia started his musical passon at the ripe age of 13. With musical influence ranging from jazz to country to metal, his vast musical knowledge has allowed him to confidently persue the craft of audio engineering as well as the art of music production. Studying the drum set under jazz director Philippe Baugh and marching snare/tenors, Johnny learned the discipline of drumming which catipulted him to play with numerious well know artst in the metal industry ranging from, All That Remains , Memphis may Fire, Of Mice and Men and many more. With over 11 years of musical experience and 6 years of live performance experience Johnny believes everyone has the ability to create music with a little bit of dedication and practice.


Jillian developed a love for music at a young age. She began playing piano when she was four, and when she picked it back up at a later age, she realized she didn’t want a life without music and began to pick up other instruments such as violin, guitar, ukulele and mandolin. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Music Business at Evangel University. Her main goal is to individualize lessons to the student and tailor to their needs. Her dream is to continue composing music and grow her music producing abilities. Her engaging and upbeat personality, and patience with her students makes her a top notch Creative Soul Instructor. Her love for teaching and going the extra mile in lessons and life is an inspiration to her students and team.


Priscilla is a musician with a musical education and performance background of over 20 years. Originally from Oklahoma, Priscilla first fell in love with music through jamming out to country and oldies with her family. She was inspired to pick updrums at age 6 while watching a father and son play music together and of course... watching the movie That Thing You Do. Her passion for music has led her to learn, play, and teach drums, guitar, piano and bands in over 40 countries. Priscilla has made Texas her home since 2014 and is involved with local musicians and churches in the area. Her passion, whether teaching private students or bands, is to provide a way that each person is valued for who they are and is encouraged in their unique musical passions. Priscilla joined the Creative Soul team in 2017 and is loving it!


Alan is an established musician with performance and educational experience in virtually all genres of music from blues to classical to modern pop to his specialty—jazz. He began training in piano at the age of 5, eventually taking lessons from McLennan Community College music professor Bill Howard and University of North Texas prestigious One O'Clock Lab Band alumni Richard Thomas, from whom he received much of his jazz influence. He continued his educational career at UNT, receiving a Bachelor's of Science degree in 2015 in Learning Technology with specific studies in Music Production and Sound Design and a minor in Music. Alan also completed the UNT College of Music Theory and Aural Skills requirements to become Theory Proficiency Exam (TPE) Certified. After completing his degree at UNT, Alan enrolled in Point Blank Music College in London and received accreditation (Edexcel Level 3 Certification) in Electronic Music Production and Ableton Live DAW software. Alan has been performing in solo acts and with his twin brother, Nash, since they were 5. Alan has expanded into venues across Texas including Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Paris, Tyler, and Waco. In 2010, Alan and Nash collectively won the Student Musicians of the Year award from the Music Association of Central Texas (MACT). The same year, the duo took first place at the "Heartland's Got Talent" competition at the Heart of Texas Fair. Although Alan specializes in piano, he has also been trained in voice (solo and choral work), trombone, melodica, various percussion, music notation, and music production. He has helped lead many different worship groups throughout Texas, particularly at Church Under the Bridge in Waco, serving for many years as an accompanist. He has worked and still collaborates with many musicians/groups throughout Texas, while taking in students under his wing who want to learn the same unconventional yet effective mixture of ear training and music theory with practical piano pedagogy or any other available proficiency of preference.


Jean, born and raised in Dallas, TX, age 29, just graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art & Technology. He has been playing guitar for about thirteen years and playing in local bands for about seven years. Helping kids find their niche and growth potential is truly aspiring to him. Being able to cater to the needs of kids and find what works for them is a joy. Creativity is the name of the game, and nurturing at an early age will only transcend when older if given the skills to succeed. He loves creating beautiful music and having a fun time in the process.


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Jonathan is a Singer/Songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas. Jonathan started learning guitar when he was 8 years old, and sang in choir and played in the band all throughout high school. He started guitar because of his love of blues and folk music. He went to UNT to major in music therapy. The idea of using music to help people sounded very fulfilling to him. He worked at children's camp in Athens, Texas for two years and volunteered there countless times for the past seven years. Working at the camp instilled his love of working with kids especially in a music environment. When Jonathan isn't playing music, he's probably watching movies! He loves film, and welcomes any movie knowledge challenges you have for him. Jonathan also has the incredible talent of being able to whistle and hum at the same time. Jonathan loves and can respect all types of music, but his favorite to play and sing are Blues and Folk music. He has two dogs named Sassy and Ginger. Jonathan loves the idea of introducing music into kids lives. He believes music is the ultimate way a kid and express themselves, and that's important for every child's development. "Where words fail, music speaks"


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Learning to sing from his mom while sitting on the piano bench at her teaching studio as a child, Simon wanted to play along. Piano soon gave way to his first guitar, his first rock band and school orchestra. After high school, Simon attended DePauw University, where he studied creative writing, theatre, piano, jazz guitar, violin and competed in the harrowing track and field discipline known as “steeplechase”. After school, Simon landed a job at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music where he taught and studied fiddle, mandolin, banjo, upright bass and guitar from some of the world’s best educators of American folk music. Before finding a home in Fort Worth, Simon made stops in the Arkansas Ozarks and Austin where he taught both at The School of Rock and developed an early childhood music and movement curriculum for preschools based on music from his Kindie (kid + indie) Rock band “The Que Pastas” while also touring internationally with the country bluegrass band “High Plains Jamboree”. “Experiences and travels aside, teaching remains a true passion; to create a fun filled learning environment that can change lives one half-step at a time!”


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Shondalla, from Albany Georgia, is a classically trained violinist. She specializes in classical, jazz, R&B, and pop music. Music had always been a part of Shondalla's life. She grew up listening to classical, jazz, and contemporary music. Her music influences include Yanni, Karen Briggs, Damien Escabar, Lindsey Stirling, just to name a few. Shondalla is currently a performing violinist. She loves to teach the art of the violin and she loves leaving her students encouraged and inspired to be great. She is excited to teach at Creative Soul Music School in Keller/Watauga and Southlake!


Taylor, originally from Miami, grew up in a small mountain town in Georgia and recently moved to Texas with her husband to continue studying music. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Music, focusing on vocal studies, and will be working on her Masters degree in Voice Pedagogy at Southwestern Seminary. She has been a singer most of her life and also plays piano. Taylor has sung in many musicals and ensembles, as well as performed in solo recitals. She has sung various styles and genres and loves teaching them to her students. Teaching music is her passion and she can’t wait to watch her students grow!


Yuanyuan Que, a professional pianist, qualified and experienced music teacher, music composer and poem writer, graduated from University of North Texas and earned degree Maser of Music in Piano Performance, related field in Piano Pedagogy. Her Bachelor’s in Piano Performance was earned from Sichuan Conservatory of Music. Her teaching is patient, happy and effective. She loves and enjoys teaching. She is very happy to share her knowledge and to keep learning new things. Her basic teaching philosophy is passion, purpose, creativity and growth. Using her passion to teach, share, give and lead students to find the real meaning of their lives; plans what she is going to do for her teaching; fosters and motivates students’ creativity; keeps herself humble to grow and learn in every day. She worked as piano instructor in YueBa Music Training Institute and Xingkong Music Training Institute.


Jeannie is a classical soprano pursuing dual degrees in vocal performance and music composition at Texas Christian University. She grew up in the Fort Worth area taking music classes from Travis Academy of Fine Arts and studying voice under such renowned instructors as Dr. Sheila Allen, Beverly Hoch, and Elizabeth Woollett. She went on to receive awards in several prestigious national voice competitions including Classical Singer, Schmidt Youth Vocal Competition, and National YoungArts Foundation and currently studies with David Brock and David Gately at TCU. She has performed leading roles in opera and musical theater such as Amahl And The Night Visitors, Hansel And Gretel, L’elisir D’amore, Mary Poppins, and Phantom. Besides classical voice, Jeannie also has a diverse ability to sing in a multitude of different genres including musical theater, jazz, contemporary Christian, and pop. In addition, she’s studied piano for nine years, winning several awards throughout high school and has a love for songwriting and composing music in all styles. Music is Jeannie’s greatest passion, and she strives to inspire others to find joy and fun through music making.

Jacob D.

Jacob, a drummer and recent graduate of the University of Texas Arlington, has been playing drums for about 12 years now and taught lessons for the past three years. He loves sharing his passion for music with others and looks forward to exploring the world of creative possibilities with all of his students at Creative Soul.


Mikea was born in Dallas, Texas and raised in southwest Michigan. She discovered a passion for music in her early teen years, and began to teach herself piano, guitar, composing, and songwriting. In high school, Mikea played alto saxophone in the school jazz, concert, and marching bands, and tenor saxophone in a quartet that won superior ratings at several District and State Solo and Ensembles. She also studied piano privately and wrote piano music for several school theatre productions, earning Excellence and Superior Awards at District and State Theatre Competitions for original music. Mikea earned a Bachelor's degree in Music from Eastern Michigan University, studying piano with Dr. Joel Schoenhals. While at Eastern, Mikea performed extensively with several ensembles, including EMU Women's Choir and EMU jazz combos, and worked both as a piano accompanist for other instrumentalists and as a solo pianist. She frequently performed original songs for piano and voice at coffee shops, restaurants, and other venues. Her most notable performance was her senior degree recital, in which she performed memorized pieces by Liszt, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff, a 4-movement ragtime duet by Bolcom, and an original composition. Mikea loves working with people of all ages and skill levels. She has two years of experience working in early childhood classrooms and has also taught private lessons to adults. She strives to help students develop a passion for music by choosing pieces they enjoy, while still emphasizing the fundamentals of good musicianship, such as theory, technique, and sightreading. Mikea believes in helping students learn to be self-motivated and increasingly responsible for their own learning as they develop into self-confident and competent musicians.


Andrew's passion for music began when he picked up the guitar at age 12. He led a rock band throughout high school while also remaining an active member of his school choir in his hometown of Alvin, TX. His interest led him to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Texas at San Antonio. While earning his degree he performed in the UTSA Lyric Theatre's production of Street Scene and HMS Pinafore, Brahms Requiem and Verdi's Requiem with the San Antonio Symphony, and toured across Italy with the San Antonio Mastersingers. Andrew fuels his musical passion today by teaching lessons, DJing, and producing original music from his home studio.


James grew up in Abbott, Texas and started playing guitar at the age of 7. He was raised listening to a wide variety of music including country, rock, blues, and even gospel quartets. James has had 3 guitar teachers that were UNT alumni and a piano teacher that has taught German at Baylor for over 35 years. He is also a UNT alumni with a B.S. in Kinesiology and a minor in music. James has always had the desire to learn and uses his knowledge of biomechanics along with his musical knowledge to teach both musical theory and technique on an instrument. These skills, coupled with a passion for teaching, are why James is a member of the Creative Soul team!


Gary began his career as a member of the Texas Boys Choir at the age of 10 in Fort Worth, Texas. Gary was a first chair baritone in the TEMEA and all State Choirs from 1994-1996. He graduated as Valedictorian of the summer graduating class from Paschal High School in 1996. Gary went on to study Music Education at both Weatherford College and the University of North Texas. In the 2000's, Gary spent his time as a touring musician and recording engineer for such credible names as Universal Music Group, Capital Records, Clear Channel Radio,Nazareth/ Manny Charlton, The Monkees/Peter Tork, Penny Gilley, Tim Bogert, Mark White, Luis Conte, Danny Bonaduche, Mel McDaniel,Def Leppard/ Vivian Campbell, Jerry Best, Wilfredo Reyes Jr., Private Island Trax, Brian Friedman Digital, Gari Sound, Mad Dog Studios, Nickelodeon, Walt Disney Studios, CBS Radio, The Santa Clarita Symphony, Los Angeles Symphony, and was also the Music Director for the Santa Clarita School for the Performing Arts. Gary also has two Grammy Awards for recording engineering, 6 Emmy Awards for sound and 2 Oscar nominations for sound effects.


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Jacob E.

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