How Do You Sing & Play Piano at the Same Time?

Mary Jaira Reyes
Posted by  Mary Jaira Reyes, on Apr 18, 2022 8:23:24 AM


Your child may have sung on stage but not yet played the piano. Or maybe if the child does play the piano, it may be hard for him/her to sing while playing. Kids can easily get discouraged and quit easily if it's difficult for them. Parents like you will do everything to bring out the talent of your child. 


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How singing & play piano works

Timing green check

sheet 2

Imagine a performer hitting a key 5 seconds earlier than the song. Timing is important so that we can maintain the proper sequence of the tones. Sheet music provides an outline of one or more instruments with their own music notations. It perfectly sequences instruments in their measure lines. In the example above, there is a notation for voice and piano to have a perfect sequence of the keys and notes so you know when to play the hands together.

Balance green check

The balance of life - The Daily GuardianFocus is important if there are distractions, but balance is important to keep the quality of the voice and piano performance equal. If you focus too much on the piano, you might not sing anymore or your voice is so silent. Same as if you focus too much on the voice, you might forget to play the piano anymore too.  A good trick is to only play the first beat of the bar of music, then add more once you have mastered that.  Remember how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.



Memorization on the piano will help children sing effortlessly while playing the piano on stage. Fingers will just play naturally on the piano without any pressure. If they do not memorize the keys, they consume time in searching for the correct one and forget to sing the lines.


Why it's hard for some

The tempo is so fast PinClipart.com_conflict-management-clipart_1448340

If the song itself needs a fast beat, the student will pressure himself to have a fast tempo, which made him create mistakes. This is why we have to choose songs with a normal beat so the student will perform well. OR just play the song super super super slow. Rachmaninoff arguably the fastest pianist practiced super slow till it was perfect then he sped up.

Difficult songs and chords PinClipart.com_conflict-management-clipart_1448340

Songs can have high keys which some children cannot reach. There are also some chords that are hard for students, which is the reason why they are discouraged to play a song. Some small fingers are not used to reach a chord, especially if they're new to it.  But you can play just the bass notes and one or 2 notes of the right hand together and it will sound really close to the original.



If the child is fully trained but is still nervous to be seen by the crowd or is afraid of rejection, his mind will be blanked on stage and the actual performance is not as good as in the practice mode. It is important to encourage them to be happy and passionate rather than to be super perfect.  Playing in front of others is a muscle most people don't realize.  It is like learning chords and it takes time to get used to making mistakes in front of others and moving on without stopping.


Dynamics on Performance

Dynamics is the control of the volume of your performance. This is important how soft or loud you are going to perform. Singing only can give you the full projection of your voice that gives a louder volume.

Singing while playing the piano or singing only with a pianist has their differences. Singing while playing the piano makes the performer have a soft to medium volume of the voice. While singing only with a pianist is also good and easier because of more dynamic volume in singing and free movement.



Good Practice Tips

Maintain a good posture green check

Maintaining a good posture will provide good breath support while singing. It is important to reach the proper note and keys with stored breath. It also gives a quality vocal performance

Choose songs according to vocal range green check

Some children cannot practice if the song is too high like the famous songs "Let It Go", "Queen of The Night", "Loving You", and "Emotions". They must be comfortable and happy with the songs with their natural vocal range.


Memorize piano first before singing green check

The piano is more complicated to learn while singing is just natural, so if you practice and memorize the piano first, especially the first notes of each bar, then you will effortlessly sing without pressure. 


Choose simple songs first before others green check

Start simple songs like Happy Birthday and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Then slowly practice the easy popular songs until the learner gets it perfectly.  

Create a practice routine green check

Practising old and new songs will keep your musical skill fresh and expand more. Singing and playing the piano is a stress reliever from school or at work. You will not regret it if you don't give up.  Remember, the most important thing is not to give up. You will be able to do it. If you want to speed up your learning, get a coach and take lessons, whether it's online or in-person, like our school. Make sure you find a place that has a motivation tool like trophies and recitals. Don't give up on your dreams and eventually you will become the musician you always wanted to be. 


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