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Mary Jaira Reyes

Mary Jaira Reyes

Mary Jaira Reyes is a Filipina music blog writer. She contributed music criticism articles for Blues Rock Review, Kentucky USA and music blogs for Creative Soul Music School, Texas USA

At the age of 22, Reyes was a Soprano 2, Alto 1 & 2 at MCGI last 2017-2018. Before the pandemic outbreak last 2020, their provincial youth group, called Tarlac District Choir (a part of MCGI), performs in church locales and venues in within and outside the province of Tarlac. They also performed in Baguio, Pangasinan, and Pampanga.

Before college at the age of 15, she originally wanted to study a music degree in Metro Manila because Tarlac does not have music universities. She became undecided to study local courses in her hometown.

She studied BS Social Work in USST College for 3 years, but still has the heart of a music lover. She realized "all people can become social workers at heart musically, morally, and spiritually."

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20 Amazing Benefits of Piano Lessons!

Although free youtube piano lessons seem like the only option for an empty wallet or a low budget, in-school music lessons are still the best, according to Creative Soul students.

No matter how young or old we are, learning an instrument gives us benefits. It's not too late to learn the piano, you'll be surprised at how it will share a contribution to your work performance or to your child's..


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Extracurricular activities offer lots of benefits for our bodies especially to children. UBC News said that "when kids participate in extracurricular activities, they have better mental health". Not just mental health, but also for our over-all health and recreational talent.


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How to Properly Care for The Piano

All of us do not like to see or use old and creepy Halloween pianos like in horror movies. But it can happen to your piano if it is not routinely cleaned and handled properly. No matter how expensive or cheap pianos cost, proper care is important to maintain a good life span. The life span of properly cared pianos is about 50 years according to Miller Pianos Specialists


Private vs Group Piano Lessons

If you're planning to take piano lessons in Dallas Fort Worth, finding a good school, choosing a piano according to your budget, and choosing your genre style are some of the most important things to carefully think of before enrolling. 

However, you must also consider the method of piano lessons you'll study. We have already discussed generally the Benefits of In-Person vs Online Music Lessons,..


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In-school Music Lessons with Parents vs Self-Taught Youtube lessons [Case Study]

 In-school Music Lessons with an "add-a-parent" option are special bonds for the Stone Family. Meet Creative Soul Students Linda Stone, a mom who studied bass guitar lessons for 2 years, and her son Joey Stone, a 15-year-old who studied drum lessons and other instruments for 7 years last 2015.

Discover why music lessons are important to them and why they prefer it than just a self-study pace on..


Best Places To Learn Music Online

Even before the pandemic, online music lessons are convenient for students who live outside the city or because of the school's high-quality management of online music lessons. If you are still not sure if you'll enroll in-person or online, take your time to read Benefits of In-Person vs Online Music Lessons

Looking for a good online music school is pretty challenging because there are many..


Should I Learn to Play an Instrument in Retirement?

My retired grandparents bought a piano, but they are not using it. They have more time for social media, reunion parties, travel goals, petkeeping, gardening, and more. There is nothing wrong with what they are doing, but having a musical instrument in the house is a gift because not all aspiring musicians are family-supported with free instruments. 

I believe all retirees have a musical goal..


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2022 Best Summer Getaways for Your Family

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Best Places for Violin Lessons in Dallas-Fort Worth

Looking for violin lessons in DFW?  Violin is a great instrument for your child to learn. Here is a list of the best places for violin lessons in the metroplex.


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