12 Extracurricular Activities Your Child Should do

Mary Jaira Reyes
Posted by  Mary Jaira Reyes, on Jul 5, 2022 6:52:09 AM

Extracurricular activities offer lots of benefits for our bodies especially to children. UBC News said that "when kids participate in extracurricular activities, they have better mental health". Not just mental health, but also for our over-all health and recreational talent.

Extracurricular activities are all different. Which one is the best that fit your child? Here is our list of extracurricular activity based on your child's age, and the benefits of each activity.



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12 Extracurricular Activities Your Child Should do

1. Church Activities

Age: All ages

Importance: Spirituality and morality 

Activities like bible reading, memorization, games and others will help the children grow spiritually and morally. They will also gain new friends and interact with other kids. 

2. Ball Games

Age: 2 years old for light ball games, 5 years old for heavy ball games

Importance: agility, speed, teamwork, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, mental alertness

The majority of children love ball games especially when they were younger. Especially simple games like catchball. Matured and athletic children will try volleyball, basketball, softball. But not all of them are naturally athletic. Invite your kid to play, but if he/she doesn't like it, don't force. 

3. Gymnastics

Age: 5 years old and above

Importance: agility, speed, teamwork, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, mental alertness

Learning gymnastics will help boost the children's flexibility, balance, motor skill, and gracefulness.  Girls are more likely to be flexible than boys so not all children are okay with this activity.

4. Dance classes

Age: 5 years old and above

Importance: gracefulness, balance, creativity of motion

Dance classes like ballet, and musical theatre are child-friendly and will make them listen to beautiful and soft music. Some like zumba, modern, and other types of dance. Joining them  will be fun and will make them happy and motivated.

5. Ice Skating

Age: 7 years old

Importance: gracefulness, strength, balance, creativity of motion

Ice skating is fun and exciting as it seems, but it can be very dangerous. The minimum age is 7 years old to perform safely without worries that they might get injured or dislocate their bones. Younger age is not allowed to help them prevent from accidents.

6. Swimming

Age: 3 years old and above

Importance: gracefulness, balance, creativity of motion

Swimming is for everyone, and kids love it! Most especially in the summer season. The swimming rentals are always full because kids and families are so excited to jump in the pools and hang other with their best friends! Sometimes even if it's not summer, a beautiful swimming venue is good for birthday parties, and other events.

7. Learning a New Language

Age: 3 years old and above

Importance: Vocabulary, Social, Interpersonal, Confidence

Being bilingual or trilingual at a young age will help the learner became more social and knowledgeable of people's culture, become smart at school, enhance their vocabulary, open-mindedness, creativity in speech, and mental alertness.

8. Martial Arts

Age: 7 years old and above

Importance: Self-defense, strength, responsibility

Danger can come at any time and any place. Children who are trained in martial arts have an advantage for self defense, strength, and responsibility. 

9. Painting and Drawing

Age: 2 years old and above

Importance: Spatial Intelligence, Creativity, Expression

Painting and drawing has always been an art of expression through all ages. Especially when trained in a younger age. Trained children will be more advanced in painting when they get older like graphic design, animation, and realistic paintings.

10. Cooking Classes

Age: 10 years old or younger

Importance: House responsibility, Survival Skills, Budget skills

Teaching children how to cook at a young age will help them become independent and responsible in the house. Let the children know how to market food and know how to budget them. As well as peeling and chopping veggies, seasoning measurements, boiling, procedure and more.

11. Chess Club

Age: 8 years old and above

Importance: Strategy skills, Critical Analysis, Decision Making

It's not really easy to play the chess for most people, but if learned in a young age, children will become used to playing chess and are not afraid to compete in tournaments.

12. Music Lessons

Age: 3 years old and above

Importance: Ear Training, Musical Skills, (all benefits here)

Children who learned music at an early age are more likely to be advanced in skills such has math, creativity, language, confidence, patience, social and motor skills. 


Why Music is the best extracurricular activity for children

Music is everywhere from TV shows to video games. The melodies attract the children's attention and makes them become curious with learning a musical instrument. Music is effective in school games like warm-up exercises, 

The good news is that parents can also join the kids in music lessons! Creative Soul Music School has an "add-a-parent" option in private music lessons. Get a chance to have a special bond with your children musically! Read the Stone Family's music lesson experience that will help you value the importance of music in your life. There are many benefits of learning a musical instrument in all ages. It's never too late to learn a musical instrument no matter how old you think you are





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