What Are The Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

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"Learning a musical instrument is challenging, it demands fine motor skills and coordination. It develops children's listening, thinking skills, imagination and perseverance. It brings out the very best in the children as they work collaboratively with their peers and teachers."

- Sheila Hancock, English Actress and Author

In this article, you will learn the general benefits of learning musical instruments, the specific benefits of each type, and the benefits of music in age groups. We will also learn the calories burned per instrument and the genres of each instrument.


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General Benefits of Music Instruments

 green check  Music improves memory  

 green check Develops motor skills

 green check Improves Patience

 green check Makes us smarter in school and in work

 green check Improves Social Skills 

 green check Boost confidence 

 green check Improves sleep 

 green check Higher language skills 

 green check Improved eye-hand coordination

 green check Boosts Creativity 

 green check Improves Math Skills

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Specific Benefits of each instrument type:


   1    Wind & Brass Instruments

We combined wind and brass instruments because they are both wind instruments in general.

Daco_5657485kissclipart-cartoon-flute-clipart-flute-clip-art-c2f1a3a83efc483e    emojipng.com-3667574

trumpetsaxophone   french horn

Wind instruments, like singing, clarinet, flute, harmonica, and brass instruments like trumpet, saxophone, and french horn lower the risk of heart diseases, improve breathing muscles, good breath control, clear lungs, improved posture, lowered blood pressure.

Having formal singing classes will help you expand your vocal range, and versatility in singing styles. 

You'll be involved with these genres:   

green check Singing = all genres

green check Clarinet & flute = opera, meditation music, mellow music, soft pop 

green check Harmonica = folk, country, blues, and classical

green check Trumpet, saxophone, and french horn = Jazz, Blues, Swing, Baroque, Classical


Calories burned in wind and brass instruments:

green check Singing burns 136 calories per hour

green check Other wind and brass instruments:  106 calories per 45 minutes

More about Wind and Brass Instruments:

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   2   Stringed Instruments

low-poly-electric-guitar-colored-by-Vexelsbass guitarukulele


Learning stringed instruments, like guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and harp, all share the same benefits called finger dexterity, genre and key familiarity

String and bow instruments like violin and cello, on the other hand, give you knowledge on how to handle the bow properly and know how to strike a key gracefully in notes. 

Each stringed instrument has a unique sound and keys, so it means you get to study various genres and pitches as well.

Genres example:

green check guitar and piano = all genres in all keys
green check bass and cello = all genres in low keys
green check ukulele = hawaiian music, teen pop in high keys
green check banjo = folk, country in low to medium keys
green check violin, and viola,  = opera, orchestral pop in medium to high keys
green check harp = opera, celtic music, meditation music in medium to high keys

FUN FACT: There's a video where a bass played with a bow.  It both sounded like a cello, violin, and guitar.

Calories burned in stringed instruments:

green check 80 calories per hour when sitting

green check 159 calories per hour when standing

green check239 calories per hour while moving

More about stringed instruments:

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    3    Percussion Instrument


 Specific Benefits of Learning Drums:
  green check Agility
  green check Timing
  green check Upper Body Exercise
  green check Control of power
  green check Ambi-dexterous (dominance of 2 hands)
  green check Power beat-maker in a song
  green check Cautious in sequences and patterns
  green check present in almost all genres 
Calories burned in playing drums:

More about drums:

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   4    String and Percussion: Piano

Korg Tiny Piano Black – Thomann UK

Specific Benefits of Learning Piano:
  green check Ambidexterity
  green check Makes you a potential composer of melodies
  green check Smart in-ear training because you handle all keys
  green check present in almost all genres 
  green check Smart in chord patterns
  green check Smart in other instruments because the piano is complete
  green check You'll learn sight reading, the language of music
Calories burned in piano:

More about piano:

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Benefits in Different Life Stages:


     1      Babies (ages 0 to 2)

Babies cannot talk yet, so their only communication is crying when they are hungry, cold, full, sleepy, angry, afraid, upset, lonely, sad and everything because they do not know the right words to say yet. For this reason, music is important for babies despite their young age to handle their noise lets you do more tasks.

     Music makes them: 

green check Makes them stop crying

green check Makes them happy

green check Makes them fall asleep

green check Nursery Rhymes catch their attention

green check Boosts their curiosity

More about music benefits in babies:

Children And Music: Benefits Of Music in Child Development | Bright Horizons

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   2     Toddlers (ages 3 to 6)

Toddlers get more curious about music than they were babies, they would pick up a xylophone or bongo drums to imitate a player they saw on Youtube, or just create their own melodies.

  Benefits of learning music among toddlers:

  green check makes them dance

  green check makes them cooperate in playgroups

  green check Instrument sound familiarity 

  green check can hum melodies

Other benefits of music in toddlers:

The Importance Of Music In The Development Of Toddlers

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   3     Children (ages 7-12)

Children's age is the most appropriate time for music lessons because they are fast learners and adaptable to learning.

Benefits of learning an instrument among children:

 green check Enhances reading and comprehension

green checkBuild fine and gross motor skills. 

green check Support sensory development. 

green check Enhance hand-eye coordination. 

green check Teaches patience 

green checkMakes new friends

Read more:

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   4    Teenagers

teenagers playing instruments

Learning an instrument as a teenagers have benefits. According to Time, American teenagers have high levels of depression and suicide because of severe bullying at school, family issues, home violence. But studies found that music has a large factor to prevent these.

Benefits of learning music among teenagers:

green check develops a sense of belongingness

green check develops purpose and self-actualization

green check Lessens teenage depression

green check Saves teen from suicide

green checkStress reliever from bullying and other problems


New Research Reveals the Meaning and Importance of Music Participation in the Lives of Teens


   5    Adults

Adults learning music

Adults are the fastest learners most especially the ones who are willing to study more. Reward yourself a fun skill after finishing a project at work or after a tiring arguement at home. Adults also experience depression and suicide attempts because of failed marriages, abusive partners, and financial crisis. So it's really important that a responsible working adult like you to have a stress-relieving hobby. 

Here are the benefits of learning music as an adult:

  green check teaching ability to young ones

  green check stress reliever at work

  green check bonding with kids

  green check lessens depression

  green check Prevents suicide

  green check helps fight adult illnesses like heart disease, high blood pressure

  green check adds more career and hobbies

More music benefits in adults:

Benefits of Learning and playing music as adults | NAMM Foundation

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   6    Retirees 

  You're never too old to learn something new even at an old age. Other than reunion parties, dancing, and gardening, a music class is what you need to be happier.

Some retirees, after the death of their loved ones, tend to be depressed and think about whether they are the next in line. And because of the lack of socialization among family members and friends, they isolate themselves and their illnesses can get worse.

Benefits of learning an instrument during retirement:

green check Keeps you active and healthy

green check Therapy in Depression & Suicide

green check Improves hearing

green check Fulfils life happiness

green check Lessens self-isolation

green check You'll connect with other oldies who love music


Other music benefits for retirees:

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