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Screed Addiction


Did you know that there are now institutions setup solely on the response to the epidemic of SCREEN ADDICTION for kids?  Which only gets worse during the moments of summer "boredom." Tristan Harris of Google and Scott Hagedorn of Omnicom, issued a dire warning that we are on the verge of a global public health crisis with SCREEN ADDICTION.


Let us not give in to the "oh so easy, they will at least stop bugging me for a bit" thinking.  I am saying this to myself mainly because sometimes I just want the EASY BUTTON on those long summer days. 


I’ve been trying to creatively address how we will manage screen time for our children, so that they can benefit from all the things we benefit from, when we are unplugged. I want them to know how to deal with boredom, and to have the experiences that encourage creativity, intelligence, and social well-being.  

Done for you Ways to eliminate Boredom 

(Screen Addiction) 

  • Double up on Music Lessons.  More skills=more ability to be creative and engaged with music.
  • Buy a small bounce house for backyard or get crazy and move the furniture to place bounce house in living room.  
  • Camps and 50 best sites to go camping near Fort Worth 
  • Board Games---Our favorites are Ticket to Ride.
  • Volunteer. Helping your community can be satisfying, uplifting work, and of course you're working towards a good cause of well. Look for organization or neighbor in your area that the kids can help.
  • Crafts-- we have chalk outside and though not my "cup of tea."   
  • Water Balloons and Sprinkler Games are surprisingly effective
  • Seaquest--   With exciting exhibits and activities for families and children of all ages, you’ll be able to get wet with the stingrays, feed the toucans, encounter a variety of reptiles, marvel at the sharks, take selfies with a mermaid, and more!


Great Article about Screen Addiction!

USA Today Article and Research about this Epidemic

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