How to Properly Care for The Piano

Mary Jaira Reyes
Posted by  Mary Jaira Reyes, on Jun 27, 2022 6:32:05 AM

All of us do not like to see or use old and creepy Halloween pianos like in horror movies. But it can happen to your piano if it is not routinely cleaned and handled properly. No matter how expensive or cheap pianos cost, proper care is important to maintain a good life span. The life span of properly cared pianos is about 50 years according to Miller Pianos Specialists

Three levels of broken - 16 haunting pictures of broken, abandoned pianos -  Classic FM

Photo by Classic FM 

Your piano will never look like the photo above if you followed these steps.


How to Properly Care for Piano

how to clean piano


1. Do not eat or drink near the piano

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Just a friendly reminder to not put food and water near the electric piano. The people in your home, especially kids and pets, might accidentally spill water on the electric piano that can cause an electric shock. The food debris while eating can still remain inside the piano keys will cause stink, bacteria and dirt. 


2. Don't let it be ruined by others

Hands-Off Piano Fallboard Lock - The Absolute Best Option for Securing a  Piano : Musical Instruments

Untrained toddlers love to touch and try everything interesting, like drawing the walls with crayons and pens, type randomly on your laptop, use your messenger without permission, touch sharp objects and even the piano.

If you use a portable piano, put it in hidden places where the toddlers will not reach and see. If you use an organ, close the lid and the keyboard cover. Keyboard locks are effective so that children cannot open them.


3. Clean Piano Keys and Its Surfaces


Photo by: Missisauga Piano Studios

Oil, dirt, and viruses can easily spread on laptop keyboards, computer mouse, and even pianos. If left uncleaned, your piano becomes yellowish, or brownish which is not pleasing for the eyes and for the health.

There are two types of piano keys: The ivory keys and the plastic keys. Ivory Keys are from the elephants' horn, which turns yellowish and brownish. While plastic keys are made of crude oil, salt, cellulose, coal, and natural gas. Both are sensitive with heavy chemical compounds and they are both safe with water and dishwashing soaps.



4. Maintain Consistent Humidity

Pianos are sensitive to heat and cold too. During hot weather, the piano strings will loosen up while during cold weather they contract. Both will change the tune of your piano. It also affects the texture material of your piano like wood, and felt. This is why you should maintain a consistent temperature. 

Humidity helps the air have moisture that the piano needs to maintain a consistent temperature. Maintain a consistent humidity around 30% to 60%. Use a Humidifier or have indoor plants to regularize the temperature. 


5. Give an Exclusive Space

How To Choose The Right Piano For The Living Room

Photo by: Euro Pianos Naples

It's not good if your piano area is too narrow or lacks space. If kids are running or playing ball, they might hurt themselves and the piano. So it's best to give a proper area for the piano, like near the window to have proper ventilation with a large space to avoid accidents. Do not also put books or vases on it. 



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