Benefits of In-Person vs. Online Music Lessons

Mary Jaira Reyes
Posted by  Mary Jaira Reyes, on Jan 27, 2022 11:39:11 PM


Kids can now go to school in person because there are now vaccines and medicines against viruses. It is now safe to go to malls and play as long as the health protocol, social distancing, and face masks are implemented.

It is also the best time to enroll in in-school music lessons because there is a difference between in-person and online music lessons.

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Benefits of In-Person vs. Online Music Lessons


In-Person Music Lessons


Pros green check

  1. Teachers can physically correct students’ wrong placement

  2. Students can use the school’s high-quality instruments

  3. Teacher-Student duet 

  4. Students can bond with the teachers and the staff

  5. Effective and high-quality teaching

Cons PinClipart.com_conflict-management-clipart_1448340

  1. Travel and Time costs

  2. Not safe for COVID-19 and other variants

  3. Carrying your instrument



Online Music Lessons


Pros: green check

  1. Good for sick people 

  2. Good for physically disabled people

  3. Pandemic safe

  4. No more travel costs

  5. Easy Convenience

Cons: PinClipart.com_conflict-management-clipart_1448340

  1. Not good for people with a slow internet connection

  2. Many house and internet distractions

  3. Cannot be trained by teachers physically

  4. Students may not have high-quality instruments

  5. Teachers and students can have unexpected power interruptions

  6. Not high-quality learning like in-person lessons


In-person lessons are better than online lessons

  • In-person lessons make the student learn effectively, according to Kentucky's research on online learning proved that online lessons have more distractions. Staying focused on online classes is a challenge. Separating home life and class time, not following a routine schedule, and the distractions at home, caused students not to be able to concentrate well with their classes. As a result, students tend to procrastinate and set things aside, then deadlines are missed. 

  • Sage Journal’s research on In-Person Learning shows that in-person students value “mattering” or giving importance to learning than other students who study online who give less mattering. In-person students have more compliance on submissions and are more eager to learn as they meet people physically and undistracted from online disturbances.



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