20 Amazing Benefits of Piano Lessons!

Mary Jaira Reyes
Posted by  Mary Jaira Reyes, on Jul 14, 2022 6:26:43 PM

Although free youtube piano lessons seem like the only option for an empty wallet or a low budget, in-school music lessons are still the best, according to Creative Soul students.

No matter how young or old we are, learning an instrument gives us benefits. It's not too late to learn the piano, you'll be surprised at how it will share a contribution to your work performance or to your child's performance at school. Discover the amazing benefits of playing the piano!





20 Benefits of Piano Lessons

1. Enhanced Time Management 

Piano lessons have 30 mins to 60 mins of learning. It will keep you become aware of time and manage other activities as well.  One study found that organizational skills, like time management, has a positive effect to a child's learning. Children who are enrolled in music lessons have a greater chance to finish university degrees because of the balance of activity routine they practiced.

2. Improved Numeracy Skills

Numeracy or Math Skills are developed in playing the piano because of the duration of notes, beats, rhythm, sequence, and patterns . One research paper stated that "2017 scientists tuned in to the link between the ability to control fingers and
mathematical performance. That is why that with more and more research done lately
about the relationship between mental math and finger dexterity, adding the data from
this research project, as applied to playing piano, was useful"

3. Develops Linguistic Skills

One study says that children who learned the piano have a great of sense of distinguishing pitch and tone even on verbal words. This means that when they learn a language with emotions, it will be easy for them to learn because of the emotion, pitch, and tone. 

4. Enhances Comprehension

Having linguistic skills as a pianist will also improve reading comprehension. According to Psychology of Music, Children exposed to music programs with training in melody, rhythmic, tone, and pitch are more comprehensively effective readers compared to  non-musically trained classmates.

 5. Develops Creativity

Being a musician means "painting the minds of the listeners to a wonderful masterpiece".  The power of music can lead us to imagine specific scenarios because of the interpretation of the song, genre and melody. An article surprisingly compliments this statement. Musicians are also good at art. Check out 15 Famous Musicians You Didn't Know Were Also Great Visual Artists and see the specific art they painted/drawn.

6. Strengthens Hand and Fore-Arm Muscles 

Frequent piano practice will help the muscles in the forearms,  wrists, and hands become stronger. One study stated that "playing the piano can result in intense muscular activity with the potential to cause injury to the hand and fingers"


 7. Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence

One study about confidence show that "playing music caused to increase the confidence.  Music training influences on increasing self-confidence of adolescents. It is recommended that music training should be included in educational programs so that students in addition increasing the confidence can benefit from other musical influences in their lives."

While a study of the same article about self-esteem says "the results of this study reveal that listening to music has a good effect on individuals’ self–esteem. Self-esteem is the continually evaluation and judgment which an individual makes about himself/herself"

8. Reduces Stress & Anxiety

A good piano performance will help you lessen your worries in your life.  Playing the piano will help lower stress and anxiety levels through relaxation and the happiness it gives. It is an art of expression on your feelings neither it be positive nor negative. 

9. More than one musical instrument

Playing the piano scopes all the keys of the other musical instruments. If you studied the piano first, it will be easy for you to know the chords of a guitar, flute, harp, bass and more. Synthesizers and MIDI pianos, which are technically pianos, can copy the sound of other musical instruments.

10. You'll become a potential composer or songwriter

Not all composers and songwriters use the to create songs. But the piano's 88 keys are enough to compose and create your own melodies. According to an article by PlayBill entitled Why Composers Love a Piano "the piano is the quintessential machine for songwriting."

 11. Multitasking Skills

Playing the piano can improve your multi-tasking abilities because you are using both of your hands at the same time. Multitasking contributes for speed and time management that will be beneficial for your productivity in school or in your workplace.

 12. Improves Finger Dexterity

When playing the piano you'll be able to use your ring and pinky finger on both of your hands for more speed and reaching the intervals. Finger Dexterity will be useful when typing on the laptop keyboard to save time and do more work.

13. Improves Discipline and Patience

It takes discipline and patience to learn how to play the piano and read the music notes. It usually takes months or years to perfectly master your instruments. Especially if you're using a piano to create a new melody. It takes a lot of experiment to craft an original piece that will excite the hearts of the listeners. It has catch the emotions and give good deliverance. 


14. You can be multi-genre

Learning the piano can help you get exposed to many genres like jazz, blues, classical, pop, ballad, and more. Even if you stick to a particular genre, it will be easy for you to know and adapt songs easily especially when you learn sight-reading.   You'll get accept to music schools regardless of your genre because of the versatility you can do.

15. Playing the piano burns calories

Perhaps this is the best benefit of piano lessons! According to Musiah.com, an 170 pound individual, playing piano will burn about 216 per hour or 54 calories every 15 minutes. Which means it's the one of the best and fun ways to enjoy losing weight with benefits.

16. Greater Emotional Intelligence

Although pianists are academically intelligent, they will also emotionally intelligent. They have greater knowledge about human emotions, values and other realities such as love, family, politics, betrayal, heartbreak, crime, comedy, drama, suspense, fantasy, and more. This is the reason why they can create the best soundtracks in TV series in every genre, other even the sound effects in the video games children play. 

You are good at sensing other people's emotions as well.. You can tell how your person is feeling and you also know how to make them feel better especially though music. 


17. Musical and Improved Ear

In piano lessons, you'll learn intervals which is important for creating melodies. This will help you develop a musically trained ear and lessens your chance of hearing impairment. One article stated that music stimulates the ears' awareness ability in the flowing line and strengthens the inner hearing effect.

18. You're a good sociable listener

If you're a pianist but don't believe that you are a good listener, then better believe you can. Because of musicians' high level of emotional intelligence, you are capable of listening other people's problems and happenings. You value and respect emotions of other people whether they are family, friends, or strangers.  

19. Limits Browsing and Video Games

Piano time means less video games and browsing. It's important to step away from gadgets especially if children use them for a long duration. The bad effects of video games are poor eye sight, seizures, no exercise, no family socialization, improper sleep routine, addiction, and impaired brain development.

 20. You'll learn sight reading

Sight-reading is the language of music in every instrument. When you start to enroll in piano lessons you will have to know sight-reading to perform the piece well. Check how to read music.



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