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Mary Jaira Reyes
Posted by  Mary Jaira Reyes, on Mar 13, 2022 12:43:10 AM

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"I dream to become a success at work and at home."

- Suzie, busy working mom

Suzie values the balance of career and family life. Even on a busy working schedule, her focus is on teaching her children to be disciplined, and passionate about something so they can do amazing things in their lives and develop a greater relationship with her children.

Music lessons are always a goal of every parent for their children and themselves. The matters are how to join children in music lessons into their busy schedule, why students quit so fast and how to make them motivated to practice on their own.

Questions from busy working parents: 

"Why my child easily quits at music practice?"

"How do I join my kids in music lessons into our busy schedule?"

"How do I not force my child to practice music?"

Here are the answers to these them:

"Why my child easily quits at music practice?"
"How do I join my kids in music lessons into our busy schedule?"
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"How do I not force my child to practice music?"

Some students are naturally Music Smart.

Some students practice 5 min a day, some students say "I never practice but have fun learning what my teacher gives me based on my interests and abilities". Music smart people are music smart because of their God-given curiosity, not their current abilities they have not developed yet. 


TV, social media, and video games are secret enemies.

We have to admit that TV and video games are helpful because they catch the attention of our children and make them become stable in one place. It helps us make sure that they will not go upstairs on their own and fall down suddenly (I hope it doesn't happen). 

Although some TV and video games both have child-friendly and violent content, they have negative effects on our health. Video games, in general including child-friendly content, cause dehydration, poor sleep, health problems, exhaustion, lack of motivation, and blurry eyes. While violent games with killing and wars, on the other hand, cause aggression, impulsivity, deviant behavior, irritability and others.

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