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Best Birthday Party Venues for Kids in Dallas-Fort Worth

Are you preparing for an amazing blow-out for your birthday boy/girl? Consider a rock band party or other great party ideas. Check out our full list! 


2022 Best Summer Getaways for Your Family

Are you looking for the best hotels this summer? The search is over. We compiled the best summer getaways for your family this 2022!


Best Places for Violin Lessons in Dallas-Fort Worth

 Looking for violin lessons in DFW?  Violin is a great instrument for your child to learn. Here is a list of the best places for violin lessons in the metroplex.


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How Much Do Music Lessons Cost?


When your buying Music lessons, your buying a coach, a community and the ultimate short cut to growth.  Content is free but motivation and encouragement to overcome obstacles is by far the most valuable part of the process to learning. 


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Best Fun Places for Babies and Toddlers in Dallas-Fort Worth


We are always looking for fun and exciting places for our children. Get ready and learn the best fun places for toddlers in Dallas Fort Worth.


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General and Specific Benefits of Musical Instrument Types


There are Top 6 Reasons Why People Take Music Lessons. In this article, you will learn the general benefits of learning musical instruments, the specific benefits of each type, and the benefits of music in age groups. 


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What is a Pop Filter, And When Do You Need One?


We usually see this round and black screen filter among singers, voice-over artists, and podcasters. What does it really do exactly? Can children use it too? Are they essential for you to succeed with your recordings?

Read on to learn more about pop filter shields!


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Best Summer Camps in Fort Worth


Summer is fun for the whole family, but just because school is out doesn’t mean that parents get a break, too. Summer camps are a great way to provide childcare and fun summer activities for your child. They will learn many new things and make a lot of new friends. Sign your child up for one of the best summer camps in Fort Worth today!


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How Do You Sing & Play Piano at the Same Time?



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Top 10 Easiest Instruments for Beginners!



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20 Amazing Benefits of Piano Lessons!

Although free youtube piano lessons seem like the only option for an empty wallet or a low budget, in-school music lessons are still the best, according to Creative Soul students. No matter how young...