How Much Does Music Lessons Cost?

Mary Jaira Reyes
Posted by  Mary Jaira Reyes, on May 10, 2022 1:24:32 PM


When your buying Music lessons, your buying a coach, a community and the ultimate short cut to growth.  Content is free but motivation and encouragement to overcome obstacles is by far the most valuable part of the process to learning. 

They are not so expensive as it may seem, especially for kids. If you are curious to know the typical cost of music lessons, then you better keep reading. 



How Much Does Music Lessons Cost?


General cost of music lessons


When there was no pandemic last 2020, music lessons were only around $40 to $200 for kids

But during this pandemic, the latest and standard range of music classes is $70-350 per lesson depending on age group.


Music Lessons at Creative Soul


Tuition fee range:

Group classes: $69 - $135

Private Lessons: $100 - $300

Complete information about tuition fees here



Group Lessons Private Lessons

For parents with babies ages 0-3, you can come along for just $69/mo (45 min/week) in our Making Music Class.

Parents can join in the Add a Parent program for $40/mo (30min/week) and $80/mo (60min/week)

For ages 4-6, enjoy our Lil Soul Music Class $100/mo (60min/week) with basic music fundamentals.

For semi private lessons with 2-3 students, price ranges from $100/mo (30min/week) & $200/mon (60min/week)

For ages 7 to adult, enjoy a band class for only $135/mo (60min/week).

One-on-one private lessons for ages 3 to adult are $150/mo (30min/week) and $300/mo (60min/week)



You can get $20 off total monthly tuition if you pair a private lesson and any group class



 Trophies & Wristbands

trophiestrophy 2-1trophy 1

Learning music is so much fun with freebies! Students will have their trophies and wristbands whenever they finish the full sessions. 

wristbandswristbands 2wrist bands 3



What if a child doesn’t like the instrument?

bored child

If your child just got bored with his instrument but nothing serious, you can show him some instrument covers of his favorite song so he'll value every instrument he'll learn.

But if your child persists not to learn, ask him his desired instrument and contact the admin to exchange lessons. Some schools may or may not charge additional fees.


What are the best budget-friendly instruments? 



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