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I bet you've heard of  Fort Worth's most loved music school 5 years in a row from 2018-2022.

For 16 years, Creative Soul Music School unleashed the inner music talent of students ever since 2006. We are the only school that gives trophies, musical ladder wristbands, certificates, recitals and more!!

If your new child is new to Creative Soul, and you're meticulous about the specific subjects your child will learn, then you better keep reading. 

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Our Lessons:



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Songwriting   Music Composition Daco_1481653
Drums emojipng.com-1259558 Violin Viola 1f3bb Cello  emojipng.com-4198219
Ukulele emojipng.com-2573216 Clarinet  Flute


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Our main genres
texas pop texas rock texas blues 2 texas folk 2 texas jazz 2 Classical
as well as students' preferred genres


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Creative Soul Music School Private Music Lessons



What you'll learn in music classes:

Voice lessons

The good thing about singing is you can do it without other instruments. Our voice lessons allow students to choose their own songs. Our instructors will help them identify their own unique style of singing. We find it important that during voice lessons students should learn the fundamental voice techniques, posture and proper breath control, singer's health, singing clarity, projection, etc. 

Intermediate singer

Singing Lessons
Range Exercises
Tone Quality
Vibrato and Resonance
Vocal Registers
Voice Techniques


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We teach our piano students to read notes in the Treble and Bass Clefs, while also learning improvisation . We focus on the fundamentals of good piano-playing while introducing modern or popular music that students want to learn or are currently listening to. 


Piano lessons
Sight Reading
Ear Training
Scales and Notes
Piano Techniques
Piano Styles


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At Creative Soul School of Music in Dallas-Fort Worth, our acoustic, electric & guitar lessons take our students, families, and adults through popular and modern techniques to teaching tabs, chords, and harmony, songwriting and composition, as well as music production. 

Our guitar teachers use modern songs and creative techniques to help our young beginners or any struggling learner learn to play guitar. They will adjust a modern arrangement and accompany their students in their guitar learning so they will be inspired and interested in playing music.

Guitar Lessons
Tabs, Chords Scales
Plucking and Strumming Patterns
Guitar Techniques
Guitar Styles
Music Theory


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Creative Soul Guitar Lessons



Bass guitar lessons teach students the know-how of what it takes to be an accomplished bass player.  Bass guitar lessons are simple and effective with the purpose of playing in a band.  We work through the basics of technique and reading while doing a whole lot of playing.  Reading tab and eventually, notation is a value for advanced musicians.  We focus on the music that inspires the student first then explore other genres and styles.

Bass Guitar Lessons
Bass Basics
Minor and Major Chords
Plucking and Strumming Patterns
Tabs and Scales
Bass Techniques and Styles



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Songwriting is creating the words, melody, and structure of your song. So if you're interested to be a songwriter. You are definitely important to other musicians! Here are the subjects you will learn:

 Songwriting Techniques | Tips From Famous Songwriters + Richest Writer
Songwriting Lessons
Lyric writing
Song Structure


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Music Composition


Music composition is creating the melody or rhythm of your instruments unlike Songwriting at focused only on the lyrics and melody. So if you want to be a composer, you have to know the specific instruments you'll use in your song and how they harmonize together.

Copyright Law: Navigating the Songwriting Process and Staying out of  (Legal) Trouble - EDM.com - The Latest Electronic Dance Music News, Reviews  & Artists
Music Composition
Sight Reading
Music Theory
Instrument harmony
Music Arrangement
Music Production


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We offer Violin lessons for students ages 3 years to adult.  Though we specialize in teaching beginner violin lessons our instructors move students through intermediate and advanced levels quickly.  We offer both traditional Fiddle and Suzuki-style instruction. Our violin lessons focus on reading, technique, ear training and songs. Here’s our Violin Curriculum below. 

creative soul original photo
Violin Lessons
Violin Basics
Notation and Tab reading
Ear Training
Violin Styles
Violin Techniques



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Now this Viola like exactly like a violin but slightly bigger and reddish. They slightly differ in their sound. The Viola has an edgy and raspy tone while the Violin has a mellower sound. Voa-lah! Now you know it.

Viola vs Violin: 5 Key Differences Between The Two Instruments Viola Lessons
Basic Rudiments
Intermediate Rudiments
Advanced Rudiments
Viola Sonatas
Viola Repertoire


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A cello is a large instrument that lengths half of an average human height. It looks exactly like a big violin but it has a darker and rich sound. So if you're not into violin with mellow sounds, then you should definitely try cello instead. 

creative soul original cello


Cello Lessons
Basic Harmony
Advanced Harmony
Basic Rudiments
Intermediate Rudiments
Advanced Rudiments


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Ukulele is great for learners who are eager to start making music right away. It has just four strings compared to a guitar's six, so managing chords becomes far easier. Your child could be playing basic songs after just thirty minutes of training. He or she will need more time to really master the instrument, but they'll get an immediate boost in their confidence.

Ukulele Lessons
Open String Melodies
Strumming Patterns
Ukulele genres



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Drum lessons teach students the know-how of what it takes to be an accomplished drummer. In these lessons, students learn rhythm, which is the foundation of any good band. We also work on coordination and technique so our students can advance through many rudiments and polyrhythms.

No photo description available. Drum Lessons
Parts of the Drums
Drum Setup
Drum Techniques
Rudiment Coordination
Backbeat Variation



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Beginning students start with the fundamentals of clarinet lessons, including clarinet assembly, proper reed position, embouchure (use of facial muscles and the shaping of the lips to the mouthpiece of woodwind instruments), efficient breathing and air stream. Advanced students continue to progress in their clarinet lessons with gradually challenging exercises, developing even tone, correct hand and finger positioning, while learning more significant clarinet repertoire. Clarinet lessons include theory, ear training, sight-reading, technique, and history.


clarinet | History, Types, & Facts | Britannica Clarinet Lessons
Sight Reading
Scales and Arpeggios
Ear Training
Music Theory


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Flute music is one of the best mellow sound for ballad, orchestra, and pop together with the violin. The flute has a soprano tone which most kids and adults will love.

Flute Lessons Flute Lessons
Sight Reading
Ear Training
Scales & Arpeggios / Technique
Music Theory


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Mandolins sound like a ukulele and a guitar. They can be heard in bluegrass and classical music. If you are interested to learn the mandolin, here's what you will learn:

Amazon.com: Mandolin A Style Acoustic Electric Mandolins Instrument Vintage  Red Sunburst Mahogany Wood for Beginner Adults, by Vangoa : Musical  Instruments Mandolin Lessons 
Mandolin Chords
Mandolin Scalework
Mandolin Solo Pieces
Preparatory Mandolin Playing
Advanced Mandolin Playing


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Cowboy music is not complete if there's no banjo. Banjo can be heard in bluegrass, folk, country, rock and pop. If you've heard how beautiful the banjo is, here are the topics that you need to learn:

Ortega OBJ550W-SNT « Bluegrass Banjo | Musik Produktiv Banjo Lessons
Banjo Basics
Banjo Harmony
Banjo Rudiments
Banjo Solo Pieces
Banjo Repertoire


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emojisky.com-13534152 (1)

   The trumpet can be found in classical, jazz, pop, salsa, rock 'n' roll, and soul. If you like it, here are the things to learn about it!

A Brief History of the Trumpet | Woodwind & Brasswind : The Music Room Trumpet Lessons
Trumpet Basics
Trumpet Rudiments
Trumpet Harmony
Trumpet Counterpoint
Trumpet Performance


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Jazz is not complete with the Saxophone!! It can also be heard in pop and classical. If you like the saxophone, here is what you will learn in lessons.


Music Teachers | Creative Soul Music School | Fort Worth, TX

Sax Lessons 

Basic Rudiments

Intermediate Rudiments
Advanced Rudiments
Saxophone Harmony
Saxophone Counterpoints


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