About our Faculty

From decorated recitalists to award winning composers including members of the Dallas Symphony and National Touring Artists, our faculty is dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them. We are confident that we have the right teacher to meet your music lesson needs. Our faculty have instrument specific university degrees from prestigious institutions such as Universtiy of North Texas, Berklee College of Music and many others.. In addition, faculty members have warm personalities and are dedicated to teaching you the style and genre of music that you want to learn.


Rebekah, from Godley, Texas, is a pianist, singer, songwriter, and has recently dived into the world of playing the cello as well. She is a recent graduate of Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas where she received her bachelors degree in music business. She began playing piano approximately ten years ago, not knowing that this side hobby would develop into a deep passion for music. Her primary instrument of study while in college was piano, although she also participated in either Chamber Choir or Select Women’s Ensemble for the entirety of her time at Tarleton, and had the great honor of traveling to New York City with the Tarleton Chamber Choir to perform at Carnegie Hall. Rebekah also began playing piano on the worship team at her church in Granbury, Texas five years ago. Here Rebekah realized the power of music and how it can transform lives. She now is a co-lead singer and songwriter on the worship team, known as The Beloved, and they are very excited to record and release their first album later this year. Becoming a lead singer for the team, however, was quite a bit of a journey for Rebekah. Rebekah has loved to sing ever since she was a little girl, but was always too afraid to sing publicly. That all changed a few years ago when she attended a songwriting retreat held by the worship team she was playing piano for. At this retreat she wrote a song and through much coercion sang it to the team. Little did she know this simple act would create a profound effect in her life. Not only did the band learn the song, but she went on to lead it at church, thus beginning her journey to becoming a lead singer in the group. She later went through the process of copyrighting that song, which will be featured on the group’s upcoming album. This song would then lead to a new passion for Rebekah- songwriting- as well as a new mission to help other musicians who struggle with fear and insecurities to realize their full potential and accomplish their dreams. Rebekah is excited for her present and future musical adventures and would love to see her students excited about their musical journeys as well! She is very excited to be a part of Creative Soul School of Music and the amazing mission they have to impact lives through music.


Cydney, age 26, graduated with a Bachelors in Music and Worship Ministry in December 2017. Singing for as long as she can remember, she also plays the piano, ukulele, and enjoys songwriting as well. Her favorite movie is a tie between the Avengers series and Beauty and the Beast. She really loves to watch kids grow and see how they see the world around them. She believes a child's imagination and creativity is a wonderful thing that should be nurtured. She can't wait to help your child use music as an outlet for their creative mind.

Michael P.

When Michael sang Come Together at a sixth grade concert and heard whoops and hollers of appreciation he knew he wanted music and performance to be a big part of his life. Michael comes from a musical family, with a dad who’s a professional musician, a brother who’s an award winning pianist and percussionist, and a sister who sings and performs on guitar. Michael started on bass (thanks to Paul McCartney as well as his dad’s promise that bass players work a lot) and has held down the bottom in his own band MP3 and the Jeh Horton Band as well as lending his talents to area schools’ music departments. Fascination with music theory and chord structure brought Michael to guitar a few years later. A versatile guitarist, he plays both acoustic and electric in all styles. Michael has applied his guitar talents to MP3 and held the guitar chair in his high school Jazz Band. He has also performed duo/solo gigs as a guitarist/vocalist. Peterson is also a vocalist in many styles, including classical, opera, and rock and roll. He studied under the esteemed TCU voice professor Dr. Scott Ferrell, learning the voice mechanics and techniques necessary for any genre of vocal music. He is the lead singer of his own classic rock group MP3 and has solo and ensemble experience in choir and Broadway musical styles. Michael loves teaching as much as performing: “Besides sharing my love of music I enjoy seeing a concept finally click in a student’s mind,” says Peterson. “I know the thrill of that feeling when something you thought was impossible becomes possible, and I like to see that thrill in students.”


Caitlin was born and raised in the DFW metroplex and has been involved with music and children for nearly 5 years. She’s performed in talent shows, school choir competitions and church events since the age of 13. While many may enjoy working with children, they are Caitlin’s heart and delight. At the age of seventeen, Caitlin became an assistant director for a ministry called Children of Glory where she helped direct children’s worship teams and services. Since then, she has been involved with multiple worship teams and children’s ministries, dedicating herself to the development of children through the expression of music. Caitlin teaches piano, knowing that one gains so much more than just the ability to play the instrument. How valuable is it to learn a skill that ultimately improves speech, language, memory, attention, and even the ability to convey your thoughts better vocally? She has a deep love for music and is excited to teach this valuable skill to children whodesire to develop their creative souls through lessons at Creative Soul School of Music.


With a music degree from the Conservatory of Music in Havana, David is one of our internationally acclaimed musicians, having toured all over the world with multiple artists and a broad range of venues. His positive outlook, upbeat and encouraging attitude is contagious to our Creative Soul Team and an inspiration to his students. As a Band Leader, music producer, drummer & percussionist he has traveled the world touring with International Jazz Artist Brooks Giles & British Rock Band Contraplans, China artist Lee Rong Hao, Amanda Wood from Canada the Groove System Drum Clinics, shows in Beijing with Trina Johnson Finn, singer from Sly and The Family Stone, the Green House Studio, Bertie Higgins, Jackson Twins. He performed on the TV Show with the Pianist from Germany Joja Wendt at BTV. He's also performed at multiple international festivals such as the Shanghai Jazz Fest with Artist Jay-Dub and Donghai Music Festival with Nancy J Brown, the Beijing Music Festival, also teaching Drum Clinics at Beijing School of Music, and helping produce album projects for Amanda Wood in Beijing.


Drums/Student Bands Born and raised in Texas, Johnny Garcia started his musical passon at the ripe age of 13. With musical influence ranging from jazz to country to metal, his vast musical knowledge has allowed him to confidently persue the craft of audio engineering as well as the art of music production. Studying the drum set under jazz director Philippe Baugh and marching snare/tenors, Johnny learned the discipline of drumming which catipulted him to play with numerious well know artst in the metal industry ranging from, All That Remains , Memphis may Fire, Of Mice and Men and many more. With over 11 years of musical experience and 6 years of live performance experience Johnny believes everyone has the ability to create music with a little bit of dedication and practice.


Jillian developed a love for music at a young age. She began playing piano when she was four, and when she picked it back up at a later age, she realized she didn’t want a life without music and began to pick up other instruments such as violin, guitar, ukulele and mandolin. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Music Business at Evangel University. Her main goal is to individualize lessons to the student and tailor to their needs. Her dream is to continue composing music and grow her music producing abilities. Her engaging and upbeat personality, and patience with her students makes her a top notch Creative Soul Instructor. Her love for teaching and going the extra mile in lessons and life is an inspiration to her students and team.


Alan is an established musician with performance and educational experience in virtually all genres of music from blues to classical to modern pop to his specialty—jazz. He began training in piano at the age of 5, eventually taking lessons from McLennan Community College music professor Bill Howard and University of North Texas prestigious One O'Clock Lab Band alumni Richard Thomas, from whom he received much of his jazz influence. He continued his educational career at UNT, receiving a Bachelor's of Science degree in 2015 in Learning Technology with specific studies in Music Production and Sound Design and a minor in Music. Alan also completed the UNT College of Music Theory and Aural Skills requirements to become Theory Proficiency Exam (TPE) Certified. After completing his degree at UNT, Alan enrolled in Point Blank Music College in London and received accreditation (Edexcel Level 3 Certification) in Electronic Music Production and Ableton Live DAW software. Alan has been performing in solo acts and with his twin brother, Nash, since they were 5. Alan has expanded into venues across Texas including Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Paris, Tyler, and Waco. In 2010, Alan and Nash collectively won the Student Musicians of the Year award from the Music Association of Central Texas (MACT). The same year, the duo took first place at the "Heartland's Got Talent" competition at the Heart of Texas Fair. Although Alan specializes in piano, he has also been trained in voice (solo and choral work), trombone, melodica, various percussion, music notation, and music production. He has helped lead many different worship groups throughout Texas, particularly at Church Under the Bridge in Waco, serving for many years as an accompanist. He has worked and still collaborates with many musicians/groups throughout Texas, while taking in students under his wing who want to learn the same unconventional yet effective mixture of ear training and music theory with practical piano pedagogy or any other available proficiency of preference.


Starting with Jazz Band in High School, Jerome, grew to becoming Leader of the locally famous band Spoonfed Tribe Band for the past 20 years! He Co-Produced all 9 Albums with this band. He also performs with another locally acclaimed band 57 Sauce for the past 10 years. He has been teaching for 10 years, several of which have been at Creative Soul. He has a passion for helping students grow in their music potential through individual lessons and in group setting such as our group classes & bands. To learn more about Jerome, check out this article made about Jerome in the Dallas Voyager - http://voyagedallas.com/interview/meet-brandon-jerome-bristow-spoonfed-tribe-fort-worth/


Rowdy, an accomplished Guitarist, has been teaching at Creative Soul for over 4+ years! He also has much experience performing locally with his band.


Aidan has taught at Creative Soul for nearly 9years and has a true love for teaching, performing & recording. He has performed locally with his band that has gotten acclaim in the Star Telegram & shares a Recording Company with his brother Johnny (who also teaches with us!). Aidan teaches Guitar/Bass/Drums/Trumpet/Uke & leads several of our Student Bands!


Completing her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education this Year, Top 10% of her Class, Received Honors for University Singers, 9 years of (classical) vocal training


Phebe has her Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy from Mississippi College. She has been featured in a wide variety of musical productions including Showboat, Songs for a New World, Handel’s Messiah, and Mozart’s The Magic Flute. She also has served as soloist and soprano section leader at Fondren Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS. She has taught classes in music appreciation and music theory, as well as voice and piano lessons. She teaches voice and piano at Creative Soul. She believes in the importance of teaching each individual student in the way that’s best for them! Feeling comfortable, learning to perform, and having fun are all very important parts of becoming a musician!


Learning to sing from his mom while sitting on the piano bench at her teaching studio as a child, Simon wanted to play along. Piano soon gave way to his first guitar, his first rock band and school orchestra. After high school, Simon attended DePauw University, where he studied creative writing, theatre, piano, jazz guitar, violin and competed in the harrowing track and field discipline known as “steeplechase”. After school, Simon landed a job at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music where he taught and studied fiddle, mandolin, banjo, upright bass and guitar from some of the world’s best educators of American folk music. Before finding a home in Fort Worth, Simon made stops in the Arkansas Ozarks and Austin where he taught both at The School of Rock and developed an early childhood music and movement curriculum for preschools based on music from his Kindie (kid + indie) Rock band “The Que Pastas” while also touring internationally with the country bluegrass band “High Plains Jamboree”. “Experiences and travels aside, teaching remains a true passion; to create a fun filled learning environment that can change lives one half-step at a time!”


Traysa has been playing violin for 17 years, and has been teaching for nearly 10 years. She enjoys teaching all ages the joy of learning to play violin. To optimize performance ability, she strives to teach the proper techniques and music theory as well as encourages the student to work on trouble areas, while moving them along when they are ready to do so. Traysa teaches the traditional method, and uses fiddle music as well as folk and classical. She also plays violin at her church, and plays in a local orchestra. She loves to watch her students grow musically, and see how much they have progressed.

Taylor B.

Taylor, originally from Miami, grew up in a small mountain town in Georgia and recently moved to Texas with her husband to continue studying music. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Music, focusing on vocal studies, and will be working on her Masters degree in Voice Pedagogy at Southwestern Seminary. She has been a singer most of her life and also plays piano. Taylor has sung in many musicals and ensembles, as well as performed in solo recitals. She has sung various styles and genres and loves teaching them to her students. Teaching music is her passion and she can’t wait to watch her students grow!


Ezequiel is a freelance musician born in Dallas, Texas. Ezequiel began his musical career on the drum set. As a young musician he began performing at local churches and his high school. Ezequiel began his college career at Eastfield Community College. There he played with the Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Oscar Passley. He also studied Jazz Bass with Carlos Rengifo. While at Eastfield, Ezequiel was nominated for the Alice Jones Berding Memorial Award in Music. Ezequiel ended his studies at Eastfield in 2017 and in that same year began attending the University of Texas at Arlington. Today, Ezequiel is continuing his studies at the University of Texas at Arlington. He works as a free-lance musician. He also plays every Sunday at Trinity Harvest church and with party bands Off the Rekord and Intensity.


Nathan Wilks is an American composer, pianist, and guitarist living in DFW. He is a graduate of the University of Utah (Ph.D) and Texas Christian University (MM), and for well over a decade he as taught hundreds of students across the country including college classes, academic seminars, and private lessons. His doctoral dissertation on repetition in rock/pop music has been of interest to musicians both inside and outside of academia. As a composer, Dr. Wilks has been the recipient of numerous awards and commissions including the Salty Cricket Audience Choice Award and the Durington Composition Prize.

Yuan L.

Born near Beijing, China, Yuan began formal Piano study at the age of six. She excelled under the tutelage of several university music instructors and artists. Piano performance was emphasized from grammar school through college, and Yuan has performed on the international stage as well as at Carnegie Hall in New York City. After graduated from Texas Christian University with Bachelor of Music in Piano-Performance, Yuan is now pursing her Performer’s Diploma at Southern Methodist University. In March 2016, she won the First Prize in the Collegiate Group of the First Kuleshov International Piano Competition, and was invited to give a concert in the University of Central Oklahoma. Yuan loves people and loves the piano. She will inspire and delight you with her talent and her teaching skill.


Meredith is a singer, pianist and ukulele player new to the DFW area. For the past 3 years she has been teaching voice, piano and ukulele with Bossier Parish TAP Music program. Before that she graduated in 2015 with a BA in Sacred Music from Centenary College of Louisiana in Shreveport, LA. Her performance history includes: premiering “Flowers of the Graves of War” at Carnegie Hall in New York with the Centenary College Choir (CCC), singing in St. Peters Basilica at the Vatican with the CCC, touring and singing at several cathedrals and church’s in Italy (2013), serving as a soloist in church’s across Germany, Czech Republic and Vienna with the CCC (2015) and serving as the soloist on several occurrences for the chamber group Camerata. Meredith also enjoys performing in Musical Theater and recently played Nancy in “Oliver!” at Emmet Hook Center Theater in Shreveport, LA. Aside from her performance experiences Meredith has loved teaching students of all ages and backgrounds. She has also served as the Youth Choir Director and Youth Bell Choir Director at First United Methodist Church in Shreveport. In her lessons with students Meredith likes to encourage students to find their true voice and teach them to enhance their voices to the best of their abilities.


Mona has a Bachelor’s Degree from Iran, and is working on earning her second Bachelor’s Degree from UTA. Her love for music drives her to pursue future fields in music along with medicine. She has been playing piano for several years & enjoys teaching where she can see her students learn to love an instrument and playing from the heart. She believes music comes from the inside to express feeling. She also attests “Music is a healer and helps you to feel fresh and happy and this is what I’m telling my students to enjoy what you play.”


A native from China, Jiazhi began playing the violin at age 4. In 2006, he got admitted by the Attached Middle School of Shenyang Conservatory of Music. During six years at Shenyang, he has received prestigious student grant and elite violinist award. Mr. Jiazhi came to the United States in 2012 where he went to Texas Christian University under full scholarship. During school, he joined the Texas Christian University Symphony Orchestra and performed at Bass Hall in Fort Worth, Buenos Aires and Rosario in Argentina. He was also a Dean’s List reward recipient during undergraduate program. While he was in college, Mr. Jiazhi also devoted his talents to the church and community. He joined the orchestra of Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth from 2013-2016. After graduate with a B.M. degree at TCU, Jiazhi got admitted by the University of Texas at Austin under David and Mary Winton Green Chair Scholarship. After moving to Austin, Mr. Jiazhi expanded his career with violin pedagogy and symphony orchestra. He also plays as a violinist at the Temple Symphony Orchestra during 2016-2017. In the summer of 2017, he participated Starling-Delay Symposium on Violin Studies at Juilliard School in New York. Mr. Jiazhi received his M.M. degree in May 2018 and return back to TCU for Artist Diploma program.

Kyle F.

Kyle has been playing in bands since 2007, his first experience being with playing with the Trinity Bible Church youth group praise band. In high school, he joined his first band Strive, Atlantis! which gave him his first taste in the music scene in North Texas. Kyle went to Texas Christian University where he got a B.S. in Film, TV, & Digital Media and a minor in Music. He still continues to take lessons from Kyp Green, the jazz bass teacher at the TCU school of music. Kyle works for Afallon Productions doing live sound, box office, show promotion, and other things in addition to teaching. His bands include I Am Clark Kent which was nominated for the Fort Worth Weekly's Best "Avant-Garde/Experimental" act in 2016. Ladybug, which is a math rock fusion trio that just released an EP titled "Love Songs" this past August. Kyle's newest project is a funk & jazz fusion collective compromised of musicians from TCU and the Fort Worth Music Scene. He is also working on his first soundtrack for a short film being made in the TCU Student Film Association. His favorite genres include jazz, funk, 90s country, indie rock, and many more. Kyle stays busy writing and playing different types of music, something that one of his heroes, Michael League of Snarky Puppy, told him was the key to being a great bassist and musician.


Dexter is currently finishing a degree in Jazz Performance at the University of North Texas. He is a drummer, educator, and composer based in Denton, TX. A lifelong performer and teacher, Dexter has been playing the drums since the third grade in a wide variety of situations ranging from rock bands to jazz club dates to world class drum-lines. He teaches students both in and outside of school, working with all skill levels and in many different disciplines including Pop/Rock, Latin, Jazz, and more. He has a love for drums & teaching, and currently teaches the Tuesday Marching Band at UNT. We are excited to have Dexter on our team!

Tim B.

Tim comes from California where he majored in music while learning drums, guitar, and bass. After moving to Texas with his wife Sarah, he got his Texas Teacher's Certification. He finds great joy in both learning, and helping others, and has the mindset that anything can be taught, as long as you understand the learner, and approach the content in a way that they understand. He brings this attitude to his students and projects an enthusiasm for learning so they can grow and share in a passion for music. He has played drums, guitar, and bass in various rock bands for the past fifteen years, and is excited to be on our Creative Soul top-notch team!


Elaine’s love of the violin began at the age of seven when she was introduced to the orchestra in elementary school. She continued performing and studying music into college at Grambling State University where she performed with the Symphony Orchestra and GSU String Quartet. Elaine’s love of music is seen most while on stage bringing classical music to life. Her passion has led her to the New Philharmonic Orchestra of Irving where she performs Today. She also has performed with the Fort Worth Youth & Civic Orchestras, Grambling State Symphony Orchestra, & Sinfionietta Orchestras. She has a love for teaching as well and plans exercises for students private practice time focusing on complete musicianship including bowing techniques, scales, music theory, and technique. She enjoys creating lesson plans specific for each student and is excited to work with new students on our Creative Soul Team!


Cade is currently a Music Major, studying music at TCC. Fun fact about Cade: he began his love for music when he started drum lessons in our Creative Soul Music Program in 4th grade! He studied drums, guitar & piano with us for several years, developing a passion for learning & getting memorable & valuable experiences through our Student Band Program classes & events. Cade performed at several venues with us in our Student Band Program and even graduated to interning with us in later years. He is now earning his degree in music at college, continuing to hone his craft on the drums and shares an excitement for teaching young children where it all started for him at our schools! Cade loves the drums and all things percussion! He's excited to teach whomever wants to learn more about music! Creative Soul is blessed by his story and we love having Cade on our team!


Taylor is currently studying Music Education from the prestigious music program at University of North Texas. She UNT choir member 2017-2018 & a worship leader at her church as a vocalist/pianist for past 5 years. She grew up in Springtown, Texas where she was an active participant in theatre and choir. Her other accolades include: UNT University Singers Choir member 2018-2019 - On Stage Chorus - The Cunning Little Vixen Received gold at TSSEC State Solo and Ensemble competition all years of high school Outstanding Performer Award senior year Received a chair in the 2016-2017 Southwest American Choral Directors Association Honor Choir in Kansas City Nov 2018 Received a chair in the TMEA All-Region, Area, and 2017 All-State Choir Her main passion is teaching and we are excited she’s a part of our Creative Soul Team! Taylor is also a member of the worship team at Trinity Fellowship church in Decatur where she plays piano and sings. Taylor loves working at Creative Soul Music School because it gives her an opportunity to teach kids how to play what they feel and be free with their musicianship.


With a Master's & Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, Steve has performed with some of the music greats such as George Strait, Ray Price, Vince Gill, Shelby Lynn & many others. His He currently performs locally hits from his album, "It's Alright With Me", can be heard on KNTU Radio, the one for jazz. His relationship before God is what saved him from accepting a job from Reba McIntire in March 1991 where all 8 band members of hers was killed in a place crash into a mountain. If he would have accepted her offer which was double his current pay, he would have been killed. He honored his employer's request to give two-weeks notice changing bands; and he honored it and is alive today with us. His other accolades include: appearances on Good Morning, Texas, WFAA, Featured fiddle player with Dave Alexander, Western swing artist 2017, BSNF’s Holiday Express for Military Families, BSNF Railway, Performing on fiddle with Dan Roberts, Western swing artisit 2017, Awards Banquet, Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce, Featured group, Steve Story & Friends, jazz combo 2015, Night of Jazz, Invited artist, violinist with Lee Rucker and Lynn Seaton 2010, RFD-TV, Johnny High, Country Music Revue, country and western band, Staff Musician: fiddle/guitar 2009 – 2010, Wichita Falls Philharmonic Orchestra, section violinist 2009, Route 66 Road Tour, a television pilot; Studio Musician: guitar 2008 – 2009, Featured violin soloist at the Denton Jazz Festival, Denton, TX 1987 – 2006, Toured nationally as fiddle player for Ray Price, country and jazz artist, performing at The Grand Ole Opry, Music City Tonight, Gruene Hall, Bass Hall, Floras Country Dance Hall, Berchmere Theater, Bottom Line in New York City, Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnics, etc. 2005, Guest violin soloist at Student Recital University of North Texas for Lynn Seaton 1998 – 2000, Toured nationally as fiddle player, guitarist, vocalist for Ricky Van Shelton, country artist, including television appearance at the Country Music Awards in Nashville 1989 – 2000, The Grand Ole Opry, twenty appearances 1989 – 2000, Music City Tonight, TNN Network, various appearances 1997, Toured nationally as fiddle player for Steve Wariner, country artist; opening 12 shows for George Strait performing in arenas along the east coast of the United States 1996, Toured nationally as fiddle player for Shelby Lynn, singer/songwriter – country/folk/rock/popular artist; opening 25 shows for Vince Gill 1995, Toured nationally with Doug Stone, country singer/songwriter with performances at The Roxy in Hollywood, CA; at the George Strait Country Music Festival in the Dallas Cowboys Texas Stadium, Irving, TX 1991 - 1994, Toured nationally as fiddle player, guitarist, and vocalist for Louise Mandrel, country/popular artist; opening two years for Glen Campbell, popular/country/jazz artist sharing the stage for over 500 shows; 1992, performing at Pop’s Concert with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Dallas, TX, including cruise ship shows 1990, Toured internationally as steel guitar player and fiddle player on the World Tour for Becky Hobbs, international country/honk-tonk singer/songwriter; touring across Europe, Canada, and the United States 1989, Featured guest artist: jazz violinist at the Vail Jazz Festival in Vail, Colorado 1988, Staff Musician: fiddle for Rodney Dillard, bluegrass artist; Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO 1987, Featured jazz violinist with Wichita Kansas High School Jazz Orchestra at the Northeastern Band and Orchestra Convention, Chicago, IL 1985, Performed classical and jazz pieces on violin with jazz combo for Master’s Degree Recital Performance; Wichita State University, Wichita, KS 1985, Guest violin soloist, Wichita Jazz Festival, Steve Story Band 1982, Featured violin soloist and Concert Master for the Concerto Concert with the University of Central Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra 1980 - 1981, Band member: fiddle player along with Bobby Clark, well-known mandolin player, performing with Southern Manor, a bluegrass band; performing at the Kerville Folk Festival, Kerville, TX; Awarded No.1 Bluegrass Band in the Nation, Bill Monroe Bluegrass Festival Contest in Louisville, KY.

Bryan S.

Bryan grew up in Virginia, the son of a music teacher and band director, where he was taught to play drums at a young age and continued to play throughout middle and high schools. He was selected for various local and regional jazz and symphonic bands, received the Louis Armstrong award from his high school, and attended Virginia Commonwealth University on a percussion scholarship. While at VCU as a percussion performance major, Bryan had the honor to study jazz under the tutelage of living legend, Ellis Marsalis, and Great American Music Ensemble conductor, Doug Richards. For 15 years, before leaving Virginia for Texas, he gave lessons and played music professionally in numerous jazz, rock, blues and classical bands. Since then, he’s learned guitar and is currently playing classic rock, folk and country at small venues around the DFW area on acoustic guitar and vocals. Bryan is excited to return to his roots in music education by providing lessons on drums, guitar, vocals and piano at "Creative Soul."


Billie Wigington is a professionally trained musician and specializes in Drums, Guitar, and Piano. Billie is a graduate of Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California. He has an appreciation of all genres of music, but Rock & Roll is his specialty. Growing up Billie has primarily been a drummer at heart, with over 15+ years of experience playing as well as multiple years playing in bands and performing on stage. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge of music with upcoming musicians. He has a love for partnering performance with helping others succeed in music through teaching. A learner at heart, he desires to instill a love for learning in his students as well. With his passion for music, Billie additionally offers an enthusiastic, caring, & positive attitude that inspires his students growth. We are excited to have Billie on our top-notch teacher team!


Earning her Bachelor's Degree in Sax Performance, Mary is currently continuing her music pursuits at TWU working on her Master's Degree in Music Therapy. With a love for teaching, Mary also brings much Musical Theatre experience as well. We are excited to have her on our Creative Soul Team!


Shera is currently earning her Music Education Degree from the prestigious University of North Texas music program. Skilled at various instruments, her first love is horns. She performed at her Bracken United Methodist Church in New Braunfels. She enjoys teaching, has a heart to serve and is excited to be on our Creative Soul Team!


With a Bachelor's Degree from the prestigious University of North Texas in Denton, Lawrence is ecstatic to be a part of our Creative Soul Teacher Team! He shares a love for piano and drums, and a desire to connect with others through music. He also enjoys collaboration through studio & music production, and has various music production experience with studios across DFW. His excitement for teaching and love for music, makes Lawrence a great match for our Creative Soul Team!


With a Music Production Certifcation from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Jake is a great addition to our Creative Soul Team! Jake enjoys applying elements of music theory to create musical tones and structures, including harmonies and melodies. He enjoys making music and sharing it through performance and improvisation. He has a passion and drive to succeed and wants to inspire others in their success as well.

Brian B.

With a love for learning, Brian has studied at such prestigious universities as Yale University, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, & the Cleveland Institute of Music. An accomplished Violinist, Viola & Fiddle performer, his collaborations and performances include top acts such as with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Paul Simon, David Byrne, R.E.M., Sonic Youth, Smokey Robinson, Reba Mcentire, Lyle Lovett, & The Moody Blues. His other musical achievements include: Principal Violist/Violinist @Greater Pensacola Symphony Orchestra - Pensacola, FL Leads Viola section of Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Liturgical Music Director @ Saint Paul Catholic School & St Paul Roman Catholic Church - Pensacola, FL ACTS core team member. Organizes music for both men and women's ACTS retreats. Principal Violist/Violinist - Mobile Symphony - Mobile, AL Led Viola section of Mobile Symphony Orchestra State College Head of Violin and Director FL & AL - Northwest, Florida, US PA Violin and Viola Teacher Summer Music Program @ Wilson College PA, Violin and Viola Teacher Summer Music Program @ Bryn Mawr College / Summertrios Music Festival - Bryn Mawr, PA Collaborations and performances with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Paul Simon, David Byrne, R.E.M., Sonic Youth, Smokey Robinson, Reba Mcentire, Lyle Lovett, The Moody Blues Performances with Cleveland Orchestra, Boston Symphony, Moscow Chamber Orchestra, Lincoln Center Chamber Players, Orchestra of St, Lukes. Fellowships / Scholarships: Tanglewood Music Festival, Blossom Music Festival, International FestivalInstitute at Round Top, Encore School for Strings, Meadowmount School for Strings, Yellowbarn Music Festival Secondary Violin and Viola Teacher @ Yale University - New Haven, CT Electric Violinist and Violist @ Walt Disney Parks and Resorts - Kissimmee, FL Performed 5 shows daily with "Nova Era" at Epcot Center Principle Teachers - Violin, Viola - Robert Vernon, Juilliard Faculty, Principal Violist Cleveland Orchestra Sally Thomas, Juilliard Faculty Linda Cerone, Cleveland Institute of Music Camilla Wicks, San Francisco Conservatory of Music Jorja Fleezanis, Concert Master San Francisco Symphony, Concert Master Minnesota Orchestra Thomas Turner, Principal Violist Minnesota Orchestra Steve Ansell, Principal Violist Boston Symphony Jesse Levine, Yale Faculty Kazuhide Isomura, Tokyo Quartet Violist, Yale University Faculty Collaborations with Artists/Conductors/Composers as Principal Violist - Sir Simon Rattle, Seiji Ozawa, Kurt Masur, Andre Previn, Anton Coppola, Bernard Haitink, Andrew Litton, Otto Mueller, Robert Spano, Yo Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Joshua Bell, Midori, Yefim Bronfman, Gil Shaham, Emerson String Quartet, Tokyo String Quartet, Robert Helps, Jorja Fleezanis, Aaron Kernis, Mason Bates, Kevin Puts, Kenji Bunch, Martin Bresnick, Ezra Laderman, Harvey Sollberger, Dan Welcher, Benjamin Lees, Elliot Carter, Joan Tower, Gil Kalish

Kyle S.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance, Kyle’s passion is sharing his love for singing and music with others, and cultivating it to see where it can take them. His vocal accolades include: 2nd Place in National Association of Teachers of Singing Competition (2016), UIL State Solo & Ensemble Winner (2013, 2014), UIL District Solo & Ensemble Winner (2012, 2013, 2014), TMEA All-State Men’s Choir, Tenor I (2013, 2014). He also was involved in productions at the Jubilee Theatre, Fort Worth, Texas as Assistant Stage Manager for: “Having our Say,” and “Beehive the Musical”. Other music related activities he enjoyed were: his Senior Recital (2018), Junior Recital (2017), The Retro Revue (2017), Choraleers (2017), Joint Voice Recital with Prairie view University (2017), Participated in Master Class with David Lee Brewer (2016) , Texas Southern University Choir (2014), Texas Southern University Opera Workshop (2014), Toured China performing songs from Porky & Bess (2015), Houston Ebony Opera (2015), & Ragtime (2014), & Fort Worth’s Opera Production of Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess (2018). We love having Kyle on our top notch Creative Soul teacher team!

Monica S.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Music Business from Dallas Baptist University, Monica has a love for teaching & helping students achieve success in their music pursuits. She enjoys teaching vocal techniques alongside how to read music & also serves as a Worship Assistant at Fielder Church in Arlington, Tx. We're excited to have her on our top notch Creative Soul team!


Cody has a Bachelor's Degree in Music (All-Level Choral) from UTA and a Texas Teacher's Certificate. He is currently an Assistant Choir Director at Arlington Baptist Church & a part of the Texas Music Educators Association. With a passion for teaching voice & piano, he also was a Choir Section Leader for the University Singers. Graduated Magna Cum Laude, he earned his Bachelor of Music with EC-12 teaching certification in December of 2018. Cody has 8+ years of classical vocal and piano training, and performed with various styles of music groups from barbershop quartets to mass choirs and enjoy finding innovative ways to teach and learn music.


Studying Music Performance in Sacramento, CA, Ben has taught 100+ music students in a music education driven towards solo and band performance. His teaching approach uses an efficient & exciting curriculum based in the Suzuki Classical Method. He also has a passion for guiding others through issues to help them get the most out of their lessons. Creative Soul is excited to have him on our top notch teacher team!


Mackayla is currently earning her Choral Music Education Bachelor's Degree from UTA with a minor in music performance. She grew up through & has taught extensively through Girls Choir events growing up, helping with audition prep and choral competitions. Her other achievements include: Texas Girls' Choir Girl of the Year 2017, Carnegie Hall Soloist, TMEA Region Choir Member for Three Years, National Honor Society. She has been singing since she was eight, both in choirs and alone. She plays the guitar, ukulele, and piano as well. Mackayla loves everything about every genre of music, and loves to share her passion with everyone. She cannot wait to help her students find their love for music! Mackayla loves everything about every genre of music, and loves to share her passion with everyone. She cannot wait to help her students find their love for music!


Emilio has a Bachelor Degree in Instrumental Music Education & Saxophone from the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music in San Juan. He also has his SBEC Texas Teacher’s Certificate for EC-12 Music & Bilingual Education-Spanish, along with his Puerto Rico Teacher’s Certificate for General & Instrumental Music K-12. His other accomplishments include: the Bridgeport ISD Teacher Extra Mile Award (2017), 2nd Division Choir Trophy at Music Fun Fest (2017), The Educational Foundation Ukelele Program Grant & Student of the Year at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music (2011). He has worked with the Metropolitan Winds Ensemble as an Alto & Baritone Saxophone Member (2017-present) & has produced a CD “Conversaxion” from Puerto Rico to the Caribbean and America (2014). He was a guest artist at the Honduras Saxophone Festival & a participant in the National Music Festival “Mana Quartet Saxophone Workshop” in 2014. He was a Music Teacher & Department Coordinator (Honor ensemble & Honor choir music director) for Bridgeport ISD as well & affiliated with several Teacher Associations. He brings his enthusiasm to his teaching & we’re excited to have him on our top notch Creative Soul team!


Hassam has a Bachelor’s Degree from Full Sail in Music Production Engineering. As a recording session guitarist he has a versatility for all genres of music & has performed & traveled with various bands over the years. Hassam and guitar are synonymous to anyone he knows. Attempting to fully understand the instrument he attended Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, AZ, where he learned to build the instrument from scratch. After returning to Texas he played in various bands until he decided to return to school. He began a software engineering degree but quickly realized he should pursue his passion for music, and changed his major to music. Hassam currently plays in the 60'S influenced rock trio Joe Kennedy and the Rum Runners in the Fort Worth area. He also works as a session guitarist, composer for short films, commercials, and video games. Teaching at Creative Soul is an exciting opportunity for him. Allowing him to share his experience, passion, and philosophical approach for all things guitar. He enjoys drawing out the best in his students and colleagues, by setting a strong example with his work ethic and exceptional leadership skills. His bilingual skills also benefits his work in communicating with Spanish speaking parents. We are excited to have Sam on our amazing Creative Soul Team!


Matthew is currently earning his degree in Music Education from UTA. Some of his honors include: NBC 5 News Interview ( 2016), String Quartet Performances at Dallas Heritage Village ( 2019 ), Performances at Bass Hall with Fort Worth Youth Orchestra UTA Music Department & his Yearly Scholarship at UTA. Mathew has a love for helping others achieve success in their music education & We're excited to have Mathew on our top notch Creative Soul team!


Anthony has 8 years of experience in honing his craft to prepare for teaching. He also has training & experience with student band & children's programs & is excited to join our team!


With a Bachelor's Degree in the Arts, Bradley has a passion for performing & sharing his craft with others. You can see Bradley performing in various local performance venues such as Casa Manana and others! We're excited to have him on our top notch Creative Soul Team!


With Majors in College at Prairie View A&M for Music, Patrick has a love for teaching kids of all ages. Working in various School ISD settings, he excels in building repertoire with his students in an engaging way where they are having fun & excited to learn their instrument! He worked as Lead Drummer & Musician rehearsal leader at Higher Praise Church for over the past 10+ years, assisting the Director of Music, the Pastor, and the Worship Committee to plan thevarious worship services of the church. He currently works for the Crowley & FWISD school districts, & also was a member of High School Band growing up. Patrick enjoys teaching the various components of building musical skills from reading music to playing by ear and is excited to be a part of our large & growing Creative Soul Teacher Team!


With a Degree in Music Performance in Jazz from Florida State University, Joshua is here in Texas working on his Master’s Degree in Jazz Studies at the prestigious University of North Texas Music Program. Enjoying courses in Jazz Theory, Arranging, Composition, Film Scoring, & Orchestration, Joshua also participated in various ensembles, including Jazz Big Band. Other accomplishments include: participation in the Tallahassee Jazz Festival, performing with Jazz Piano Studio in Ruby Diamond Hall to showcase a refurbished Steinway Piano, arranged various compositions of original works, & Killer Kart (Film Score). He also works as a Performing Musician playing piano/keyboard parts in various local ensembles - Solo, duets (Piano and Bass), trio (Piano, Bass and Drums), quartets (Add Sax/ Trumpet/Trombone), and Quintets (Add Guitar/Vocal) spanning across genres of Jazz, R&B, Soul, Rock and Roll, and Classic Rock. He also serves as a piano/keyboardist & administrative teacher to choir for his local church. Awarded the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award in High School from 2005-2009 & a Participant in Broward County All County Jazz Band 2007-2008, Formed jazz trio, entitled The JAS Trio (2018) & Recorded album “Solace” in September 2018 with JAS Trio, consisting of originals and arrangements (release date TBA). Participated in GameSoundCon 2018. Jazz Band Clinician at City of Coral Springs Charter School & more! We’re excited to have Joshua on our Creative Soul team!


Emanuel studied Vocal Performance in College & enjoyed being a part of an "Opera To Go" program, which introduced students in various elementary ISDs to the art of opera and the performing arts locally. He was a Children's Minister in a San Antonio church & also grew up serving at his community church as part of the Worship Band. With a passion for working with groups of kids to learn & love music, we are excited to have Emanuel as part of our astounding Creative Soul Faculty Team!

Joe V.

Lovingly named by his Band Directing Students as "Joe V.", Joe. V is a retired Band Director who has worked in the School ISDs for several decades. With a love for teaching & learning, and a philosophy that it's never too late to learn something new, he has recently gone back to school for his continued education at TCC in Jazz Studies. Also, a local performer in various bands and ensembles, Joe V. stays relevant in his teaching inspiring his students to build diverse experience in their musicianship. With a fun loving personality & teaching versatility for a multitude of instruments including PIANO, DRUMS, GUITAR, CLASSICAL GUITAR, CELLO, TRUMPET, TROMBONE, FRENCH TUBA, CLARINET, FLUTE, SAX, OBOE, STRING BASS, VIOLIN, HARP & OTHER VARIOUS BAND INSTRUMENTS, Creative Soul is excited to have Joe V. on our top notch team!


Currently working towards earning her Vocal Music Education degree from TCU, Kalina believes in the importance of kids and adults alike learning music. The oldest of six children growing up, Kalina brings a fun and energizing personality to her teaching & Creative Soul is excited to have her on our top notch teacher team!


Currently earning her Music Education Bachelor's Degree from the world famous UNT music program, Melody has a love for teaching kids and students of all ages. As a Lead teacher for the String Project, she has a passion for educating growing musicians individually or in ensemble settings. Conducting choirs & performing in her band at church, she also was an prior orchestra director & orchestra camp teacher. With her engaging & bubbly personality, Creative Soul is ecstatic to have her on our top notch professional team of musicians & teachers!


Currently working on his Master's in Music Composition from Southwestern Seminary, Stephano is an international musician from Brazil. With a Bachelor's Degree in Music, he is currently participating in an OPT Program through Bethesda Community Church. His engaging & upbeat personality, makes his teaching an inspiration to all his students & we are so excited to have him part of our Creative Soul Faculty Family!


Currently working on his Bachelor's Degree from Berklee College of Music, Elan loves to teach any genre of music & is a performing local musician & Bass Player for Dillan Poe, performing in varoius Summer Tours at the Hamilton Dove Fest, & opening for Parker McCollum & Kody West. He earned the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award & the Berklee College of Music World Tour Scholarship. He also is the Bass Player for Danny Durress, & participates in local church Worship Bands such as First Baptist Church of Burleson & in Joshua. He loves motivating his students to hit achievement marks. We're excited to have him on our Creative Soul top notch Faculty Team!


Currently earning his Music Education Degree, Rhett has a love for all things Fiddle, Violin & Music. Proficient in Cello, Sax, Guitar, & other wind instruments, Rhett went on a trip to Ireland when he was 19 years old which "changed him". He was at an Irish spot where a local whipped out his instrument & started playing some tunes. He entertained the group with some Irish melodies & said to Rhett, "You're from Texas! Sing me a little song! A Texas Song!". Not knowing what to sing or play, Rhett came home inspired & determined to learn some Texas Tunes & spread that inclusive & contagious love for music to others. He then spent his college years honing on his Instruments & making the rounds performing around the Texas Music Circuits, marching in Tarleton University Band, & touring with Texas Band greats like Cross Canadian Ragweed. He wrote poems on the side & got a fire for putting those poems to music & getting people to dance & sing through fun, engaging performances. With a heart to teach others what he's learned, we love having him on our Creative Soul Top Notch Team!


Currently a Music Education Major earning her Teacher's Certificate from UTA, Kristine is a local freelance violinist & musician for various wedding trios & quartets in the DFW area, such as the Serenata Strings. She also is a church violinist for St Michael Anglican Church & enjoys teaching all methods including the Suzuki Method for strings. We are excited to have Kristine on our amazing Creative Soul Faculty!

Taylor M.

With a love for all things music & teaching, Taylor is a local musician from Azle, Tx. Her engaging & fun personality inspires her students toward building skills in various instruments such as piano, guitar, ukelele, banjo & oboe while also integrating songwriting, recording & music production. Her passion is to channel creativity & insight to help grow our Creative Soul community & guide students to achieving their personal musical goals. We're ecstatic to have Taylor on our top notch Faculty Team!


With a BME Degree in Music Education (double major Music Ed & Clarinet), MM in Music Performance, & MS in Rehabilitation, Molly has a heart for helping others & teaching all things music. As an Assistant Choral Director, Junior Choir & Junior Swing Choir Directors in a local High School in Iowa. She played saxophone, ran the soundboard & sang backup vocals for SRB, an Indianapolis-based Rhythm & Blues Band. She also played clarinet for the Indianapolis Wind Ensemble, was Principal chair clarinet for the Carmel Symphony Orchestra & played saxophone for Indiana University & Purdue University Jazz Band & . Performing for the Indianapolis Pacers Pro Basketball Team, Molly also was Choir Director for the Sioux City Children's Choir where 100-voice choir spanned kids in grades 3-6 & in which she helped lead the the choir in performances such as the RiverCade Parade in the Summer and a TV performance in the winter for a local TV station at Christmas. She also played in the Sioux City Municipal Band & Sioux City Symphony Orchestra. Studying music in the Master's Degree Program at the prestigious & local University of North Texas, brought Molly here, where she continued to study teaching & music & was a Minister of Music at a local United Methodist Church. With a Texas Teacher's Certicate & love for music education, we are ecstatic to have Molly on our top notch Faculty at Creative Soul!


With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education(2019), Tyler was the founder and student conductor of the TWU drum-line and pep band. He also was awarded "Music Major of the Year" in the Spring of 2019, a National Intercollegiate Band Member & earned Wesleyan President's Honors Award. He was a participant at Princeton University's So Percussion Summer Institute & has taught in School Independent Districts. Continuing his love for teaching & all things Percussion, we are ecstatic to have Tyler on our top-notch Creative Soul Faculty!


With a Bachelor's Degree in Music & Performance, John, originally from England, has many accomplishments, including his accolade as a baritone soloist with the Ft Worth Symphony Orchestra. An avid performer, John also share a love for Musical Theatre, taking roles in various local Theatre Productions across Texas, including "Mamma Mia" (Grandbury Theatre Company), Belle and the Beast" (Stephenville Dance Company), & performing in Tarleton State University productions. John is a member of the Texas Music Educators Association & has plans to get his Alternative Certification for Teaching to continue his Music Education pursuits. We are excited to have John on our top notch Creative Soul Faculty!


Studying Education at the Musicians Institute and working as a Youth and Young Adult Music Director at Shield of Faith Christian Center for 8 years, Gordon has a love for learning, teaching & directing kids and adults alike. He enjoys helping students develop a love and appreciation for music and joy into becoming into the musicians they aspire to be. We're excited to have Gordon on our amazing Creative Soul Faculty Team!


A member of the Motown Records family, performing & co-writing with Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson & other greats, & with a #3 Hit on the Top 100, Charlene's bio is best read on here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlene_(singer) Early recording career She was born as Charlene Marilynn D'Angelo, which was later shortened to Charlene for her record label. In 1973, she signed with Motown and, using the moniker "Charlene Duncan", released two unsuccessful singles: "Relove/Give It One More Try" (M 1262) in July 1973[1] and, in January 1974, a cover of "All That Love Went to Waste" (M 1285) from the film A Touch of Class.[2] Charlene sought to find her niche at Motown by writing her own songs, doing demos for other artists (including Michael Jackson's "One Day in Your Life") and working with different producers and writers before finally being teamed-up with Ron Miller.[3] When her self-titled debut album (P6 10015S1) was released in November 1976 on Motown's Prodigal label, Charlene had dropped her surname (but, confusingly, the album still had "Charlene Duncan" printed on the spine).[4] In March 1977, the first single "It Ain't Easy Comin' Down" (P 0632F) went to #97 on the Hot 100 (and #23 on the AC chart). In May 1977, an album entitled Songs of Love (Prodigal, P610018S1) (with cover artwork by Patrick Nagel) was issued. It was a repackaged version of the Charlene LP with "Freddie" (an apparent tribute to Freddie Prinze, who had died that year) replacing "Shake a Hand" and the songs re-sequenced. Also, there is no spoken bridge in "I've Never Been To Me".[5] "Freddie" was released as a single (P 0633F) and reached #96 in the Hot 100 (and #40 on the AC).[6] A third single from the Charlene-Songs of Love collections would turn out to have not only an unusual lyrical evolution but also an unexpected chart odyssey. The lyrics to "I've Never Been to Me" were originally written by Ron Miller from a male perspective, but he rewrote them from a woman's viewpoint for Charlene, and on her debut album the ballad was recorded with a controversial narration to underscore the song's sentiment. On Songs of Love, the track omitted the spoken bridge; however, when this take was released as a single (P 0636F), it spent only three weeks in the Hot 100, peaked at #97 in October 1977 and then bounced off the chart.[7] When the song was revived in 1982, the rendition with the monologue (from the Charlene LP) was being played on the radio, so it was the version that Motown reissued. In 1978, a Charlene recording entitled "Are You Free", again produced by Ron Miller, appeared as a promotional single for the music label Ariola Records America. In addition to the Charlene/Songs of Love project, Charlene recorded a full album's length of material for Motown that was never even issued. In June 1980, Motown released one more single, "Hungry / I Won't Remember Ever Loving You" (M 1492F). The track "Hungry" was taken from the stage musical Daddy Goodness[8] and both cuts on the single were from the same collaborators of her biggest hit; however, this attempt failed and Motown decided to release the singer from its label.[9] Success of "I've Never Been to Me" Charlene recorded "I've Never Been to Me" in 1976, and the single reached #97 on the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in 1977. When released again in 1982, the single (1611 MF) spent 23 weeks in the Hot 100, peaked at #3 and stayed there for three weeks.[6] It also reached #7 on the AC and #60 on the Hot Country Songs chart. The song has been her only Top 40 hit. In 1982, Scott Shannon, a disc jockey then working at Tampa radio station WRBQ-FM, began playing the version from the Charlene album (with the original spoken bridge) at the behest of his girlfriend, and response from local listeners was such as to motivate Shannon, a former Motown employee, to alert Motown president Jay Lasker of the track's hit potential. By this time, Charlene had lost her recording contract, moved to England and was working in a sweetshop in Ilford near London. Upon locating Charlene, Lasker personally telephoned her to invite her to re-sign with Motown in order to facilitate the re-release of "I've Never Been to Me". In 1976, Charlene's legal name was Charlene Duncan from her marriage to record producer Larry Duncan; by the time the song was re-released in 1982, her name was Charlene Oliver by her subsequent marriage to Englishman Jeff Oliver. The song's video was filmed at Blickling Hall, Norfolk, England, with Charlene appearing in her actual wedding dress. "I've Never Been to Me" was one of the year's biggest hits and experienced international success, reaching the #1 spot in the UK, Canada (4 weeks), Ireland (3 weeks), and Australia (6 weeks). It was also a Top Ten triumph in Norway, Belgium, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.[10] In addition, "I've Never Been to Me" became Motown's first Top Ten hit by a white female singer. (Only after leaving and suing Motown Records did Teena Marie score in 1985 with "Lovergirl".) Charlene even became one of a handful of artists on Motown Latino when she issued a Spanish-language cover of her hit called "Nunca he ido a mi" (1624LF). The concurrent release of her album, I've Never Been to Me (Motown 6009 ML), was also relatively successful, peaking at no. 36 on Billboard's Top 200. The LP mixed previously recorded tracks with some new material and featured two different covers: one showed Charlene in an elegant white dress with a bow and the other used her image in a moody pastel rendering. Over the years, memorable performances of "I've Never Been to Me" have appeared on TV shows such as Will & Grace and Desperate Housewives and in movies such as Shrek the Third in 2007 and You Were Never Really Here in 2017.[11] In the 2018 episode of Splitting Up Together entitled "Asking for a Friend", Jenna Fischer's Lena longingly begins singing the song to her children, prompting her youngest son, Milo, to question aloud if his mother is having a nervous breakdown. A popular choice for female impersonators, "I've Never Been to Me" was spotlighted as the opening number to the 1994 film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. The cinematic satire showed Hugo Weaving lip-syncing in drag to Charlene's vocals. Charlene's original version of the sentimental ballad is also included on the soundtrack. Subsequent recordings and releases "It Ain't Easy Comin' Down" was recycled on the I've Never Been to Me LP and re-released as its second, follow-up single (1621 MF). The 1982 bid bubbled under at #109 and affixed an ending harmony, "It ain't easy without you," which is not on the album version. This rendition (with the extra harmony) was also used in the 1982 film, The Last American Virgin. Although the original Virgin compilation did not contain the cut, it has since been added to extended editions of the soundtrack, including 2004 and 2012 re-issues. When Charlene re-signed with Motown in 1982, Motown agreed not only to the mainstream production of a brand new album of material but also to the US release of a religious set she had already started with Chapel Lane Records in England.[12] The 1982 outing, The Sky Is the Limit (Motown 6024 ML), offers reflective gospel music with several songs penned by Charlene herself plus a cover of Lionel Richie's "Jesus Is Love". Toward the end of the year, Charlene also released a new single, "Used to Be" (1650 MF), a duet with Stevie Wonder which the authors-composers of "I've Never Been to Me" also wrote and composed. But it stalled in the Hot 100 at #46 (and reached #31 on the AC and #35 on the R&B). However, "Used to Be" did go to #13 on the Swiss Hitparade charts in December 1982.[13] The controversial lyrics of "Used to Be", which lamented an uncaring, self-centered society, caused some radio stations in the U.S. to refuse to play the single and facilitated its actual ban in the U.K. The lines deemed most unacceptable were delivered by Wonder in the song's first verse: "Have another Chivas Regal/You're 12-years old and sex is legal."[12][14] Peaking at #162 on Billboard's Top 200, Charlene's corresponding Used to Be album (Motown 6027 ML) was not as successful as the I've Never Been to Me LP. Highlights of Used to Be included a rendition of "You're Home", which had previously appeared in the stage musical Daddy Goodness[8], and a cover of "Heaven Help Us All", originally popularized by Stevie Wonder. Whereas Wonder's version of "Heaven" used the terms "black man" and "white man", Charlene's take altered the words to "poor man" and "rich man". Both "I've Never Been to Me" and "Used to Be" were ranked the third and fourth worst records of all time by Jimmy Guterman and Owen O'Donnell in their 1991 book The Worst Rock n' Roll Records of All Time. In 1984, Charlene co-produced a new LP, Hit & Run Lover (Motown 6090 ML), which showcased primarily up-tempo dance music and separated her from perennial producer Ron Miller and the Miller-Hirsch writing team responsible for much of her catalog. Although Charlene was offered the power ballad "We Belong", which soon after became a big hit for Pat Benatar, the song's inclusion on the album was opposed by executive producer Ray Singleton.[3] Motown furthered its attempt to revamp Charlene's image to appeal to new audiences by highlighting her in a segment of the film The Last Dragon, which was under development by Motown founder Berry Gordy. She and other Motown artists, including DeBarge and Vanity, were strategically placed in the film to appeal to the MTV craze of the time. Charlene's catchy pop song "Fire" was used along with a music video depicting her as a goddess. Although the film managed to improve some of the other artists' notoriety, by this time, Motown was turning to artists that were offering up the New Jack Swing sound that would dominate the late 1980s and early 1990s, leaving Charlene and many Motown artists behind. Charlene's appearance in the film did not improve her popularity, and she was dropped from the Motown roster once again in 1985. Attempted career revivals and most recent updates As of 2012, Charlene was residing in her native California with her family, and she was still recording. Under the name Charlene Oliver, she launched a website where her new dance/club/house music could be downloaded,[15] and which included such new releases as "Broken Women," "California Dreamin' (Dance)," "Emotional Scars," "I Wanna Be A Woman," "I Was You," "I've Never Been To Me (Dance)," "Oh Cecilia," "Sea of Tranquility," "Spirit of Woman," "Symphony For A Broken Piano," "There I'll Be," "(Why Can't) Time Stand Still" and "Used to Be," the last of which featured Stevie Wonder.[citation needed] In 2012, Charlene revamped a new video, attached to her club mix of "I've Never Been To Me", which could be found on media outlets such as YouTube. Charlene also wrote two books, which she also sold via her website. In 2013, Charlene was scheduled to release a new album through Gotham Records after a single called "Heard You on the Radio" became available on iTunes on October 22, 2012.[16] Legacy Because of her one big hit, Charlene became known as a high-profile one-hit-wonder. In 2002, she was featured on VH1's 100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders show, where she ranked #75. It was stated in the program that her entry "expresses the post-'70s hangover." In 2006, "I've Never Been to Me" was released on SingStar Anthems, one of the popular SingStars.[citation needed] Charlene has re-released the song in the form of a downloadable dance remix.[17][18] Pandora Radio features a "Charlene" channel that includes songs such as "Johnny Doesn't Love Here Anymore", "If I Could See Myself", "Can't We Try", "Hey Mama" and others. Personal life Charlene has been married twice. She has three daughters.


Currently studying from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Alejandro is an accomplished studio musician, performer & composer. With a love for all things in Music Composition for film, TV & Games, he has also studied Audio Engineering and hopes to inspire his students through learning, composing & performing. He has toured all over the US with various bands such as The Black Moriah & through his local Band, Sworn to the Sword. He also has experience as a Session Musician for Christ United Methodist Church. With a skill & passion for stringed instruments, Alejandro is excited to have this special opportunity to teach on our top notch Creative Soul Faculty!


Micaela has an Associate's Degree in Music and is currently working toward her Music Therapy program Degree. She has received various Honors & Awards including Texas Two-Year College Choral Director Association All-State Choir, Gulf Coast Intercollegiate Consortium Choral Festival, a Music Major & Student Ambassador & Competitive Scholarships. She has also performed in the Musical Godspell. In her teaching, she strives to captivate the attention of young children, ensuring an effective learning environment, using teaching techniques such as interactive verbal repetition, acting out action words,and asking questions afterwards to cement the topic talked about. With a love for finding productive and interactive outlets for children to focus on instead of losing interest and reinforcing bad habits, Micaela is pumped to be on our first-rate Creative Soul Teacher Faculty Team!


An accomplished musician in multiple instruments such as guitar, bass, drums,& piano, Jun has a love for teaching music & sharing his skills with others. With much private teaching experience, when a student hits a lightbulb moment and connects a concept, it brings him great joy to be a part of sharing that moment with his students. We are excited to have Jun a part of our first-rate Faculty Team!


Having played drums for 18 years, Marshall has a passion to teach students of all ages. He says "he wants to show others just how much fun the drums are and wants his students to have a blast in their lessons. If you're having fun, you're more likely to learn, and improve. If the highlight of the week is a lesson with me, then I have done my job." Marshall also has worked as a Session Musician for his Church and play in a live environment every Sunday. He learned there how to work with other musicians and the importance of keeping the correct tempo when performing with others. With such an enthusiastic approach to his teaching, we are ecstatic to have Marshall on our first-rate Teacher Faculty a Creative Soul!


With a Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Music from Florida State University College of Music, Christian has a love for music & music production. His awards include the Florida State University College of Music Merit Scholarship (all 4 years), Floridy Bright Futures Silver Medallion Scholarship (all 4 years), & an Avid Certified Operator for Pro Tools Music Production. He also received a Specialize Studies Program in Music Entrepreneurial Studies Certificate in 2019. Creative Soul is ecstatic to have Chrisitan on our five star Faculty Team!


With a love for music, teaching, & learning, Alisa is skilled in a variety of instruments, including the Bass, Guitar, Piano, Trombone, & Native American Flute. She believes in ongoing music education & is in the process of expanding her musical repertoire into Brass Instruments as well! A teacher & organizer for the Texas Blues Museum Youth Program in Arlington, Alisa was able to share her love for all genres of music with kids and adults of all ages. She enjoys the "lightbulb" moments students get when they have discovered or connected a new concept to previous learning. We're excited to have Alisa on our top notch Faculty Team!


Christoph, originially from Germany, graduates in May 2020 from the prestigious University of North Texas Music Program for Pipe Organ. He hopes to get his DMA after that. With a love for all things piano and organ, Christoph has worked in various churches as a Pipe Organ Session Musician & music productions. We're ecstatic to have Christoph on our top notch Faculty Team!