DIY: 3 Best Free Ways to Learn Drums Without a Drumset!! 

Mary Jaira Reyes
Posted by  Mary Jaira Reyes, on Feb 4, 2022 11:08:25 PM

If you cannot find a good drumset according to budget, then here the best free and DIY ways to learn drums without a drumset!

Forget air drumming, effectiveness is better than imagination. 



3 Best Free Ways to Learn Drums Without a Drumset!! 

1. Free Drum Apps

Drum apps

Drum Apps are the coolest and most modern way to practice drums at home.

Your drummer child can be the happiest when practicing. But cannot practice using the foot.

Best apps are GarageBand, Real Drum, Drumate Free, X drummer.


2. Kitchen Tools

drums-jpg.jpeg?width=367&name=drums-jpg.jpegHow Kids Can Practice Drumming Without Real Drums | Drums for Kids

 If you watched Disney's Tarzan, you may remember the funny gorilla character named Terk who has used kitchen tools in drumming while singing and dancing. It may look silly but it's fun, it's a really good DIY). The Kitchen Tool Drum set is a substitute for Crash Cymbals, Hi-Hat, & Ride Cymbal. 


3. Pillow Drumset

Pillow Drums - Instructables

A pillow DIY drum set up also consists of towels and leather too. They are a substitute for snare drum, high tom, mid tom, and floor tom. Together with the pillow drum set up, you can create a perfect drum sound together.




Drum Lessons in DFW


If you are ready to enroll your little drummer to a music school, Creative Soul Music School offer drum lessons you and your child will surely love!

1. Private Drum Lesson: one-on-one instruction ages 3 to adult. 
2. Semi-Private Drum Lessons: Ages 4 to adult with 2-3 student classes. Priced per student.
3. Add a Parent Drum Lessons: Student + Parent Instruction where parents join

We listed the best drum sets for your budget. 

To learn more about our drums lessons, click here.



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