How Music Education Can Change A Child's Life

Posted by  Anthony Miller, on Nov 24, 2021 11:00:22 AM

How can music education change a child's life?  From Little Kids Rock...

Nancy grew up in Dallas, TX with a severe speech impediment that causes her to stutter. Communicating was difficult and embarrassing, and her speech disability was a major obstacle to her social and intellectual development.

When Nancy’s 7th grade Little Kids Rock teacher offered her the chance to learn how to play guitar and to write songs, she seized an opportunity that has changed her life. "When I was first in school, I was very shy," Nancy said. "When I started with my songwriting, it really helped me."

Two years ago, Nancy broke free from her insecurities and sang in public for the first time in this original composition she submitted to the annual Little Kids Rock songwriting exhibition. Her teacher noticed something amazing - her speech impediment completely vanished when she sang!

Writing and performing her own music has given Nancy an outlet to express herself in a way that she can communicate confidently. She has written more than 100 songs during her four years in Little Kids Rock, including one about losing her father six years ago. "I used to deal with my problems in a bad way," Nancy said. "When I found music, it really helped me a lot."

She has performed her music for crowds of more than 500 people - a feat nobody would have expected to be possible just two short years ago.

You have helped Little Kids Rock give Nancy the impetus to toss her limitations aside and sing loudly and proudly. She still faces daily challenges with her speech, but her music helps her adopt a perspective where speech does not hinder her growth as a musician, a student, or a young adult.

"Music class is a place where you can try to be yourself," Nancy says. "And it is important because music can save lives."

Music has that kind of power – and every day, more Little Kids Rock students’ lives are being changed because you help us give kids the means and support to become music-makers and confident people.

Little Kids Rock is a nation nonprofit organization that works to restore and support musical education in public schools through providing teacher training, curriculums, and instruments.  If you would like to contribute, visit today.  

We believe in the incredible power musical education has over the future of a child.  At Creative Soul, we offer a wide variety of different programs and we are confident one will be perfect for your student.

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