The value of music and movement for babies & toddlers!

Posted by  Samantha Thomas, on Jan 7, 2014 5:26:00 PM

Music and movement have a strong bond. Consider the connection between the two in dance. They complement each other and have many benefits when used together. Your body’s movements can be calmed down or stimulated to synchronize with music.

Coordinating rhythmic movements with beat may improve fluidity, timing, coordination and even communication between your right and left sides of your body.

Our Makin’ Music classes value this connection between music and movement. That's why many of our songs incorporate a variety of rhythmic moves to maximize the fun and educational value in our program.

This is particularly great for early learners (ages 0-3 years). Young children love music and rhythm just as much as we do; that's why we like to use them together as we teach kids to play music. 

Our young Makin' Music classes encourage, equip and build on the foundation of rhythmic learning. 

Not only that, but our family-friendly and enthusiastic teachers leading the Makin' Music classes create a strong music environment full of fun.

You'll also find that our early childhood music classes integrate well with your child's preschool curriculum objectives. They help reinforce critical concepts being developed at this age, including: 

  • cognitive development
  • gross motor skills
  • math readiness
  • language development
  • memorization 
  • life and social skills
  • imagination
  • imitation
  • spatial skills
  • tempo and pitch
  • nature/social studies
  • ...and more

Looking for a class for an older age group? We have a lot of available music programs - for all ages. Be sure to check out our options for older ages: from private music lessons, student band and Lil Soul Music classes (1-2 years, 2-3 years, 3-4 years, 4-5 years of age). 


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