Summer Success Tips For Music Lessons

Posted by  Casey Thomas, on Jul 1, 2022 11:45:09 AM

When we think of summer, the first thing that enters our minds is how we enjoy a vacation and take a break from everything. And even if there are summer music lessons, some children seem to be undetermined by it. Summer can be fun and laid back but setting a musical success routine for your summer can take some preparation! Here are some easy tips to make the transition:




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1. Replace Screen Time for Music Time

Smartphone games are big distractions to children's social functioning at home and at school. Especially games with catchy music, they would rather spend time playing the game and listen to beautiful background music.

So this is why smartphone time should be a time for music lessons. Think of music lessons as a wonderful game itself with rewards. Attract the kids by covering the sounds they hear on their phones.  Trade in those Joysticks for Drum sticks! Music can be used as an effective tool in replacing screen time with something more productive and rewarding. With weekly music lessons and daily practicing, they can spend their time learning instead of scrolling.


2. Keep a consistent music time routine 

Most kids respond well to consistent schedules which can be a challenge in the summertime, so use a calendar to ensure everyone knows what activities are expected each day. This includes both lessons and practice times! Also consider including a rewards system that will help make the connection from consistent practicing and hard work to beautiful musical results.


3. Set realistic expectations for practicing

Make sure everyone is on the same page! Younger children may need shorter practice times compared to older children. Try just setting a 5-minute practice timer a day. Also, if your child is overtired from other activities, try to reschedule a time when they are well-rested and enthusiastic about learning music.


4. Take Advantage of Extra Time for Extra Growth

It’s a great season to double up on lessons weekly and even take advantage of attending our Free Unlimited Makeup Classes to get additional lessons and practice time! Check in with our Desk Team on how to sign up!


5. Enjoy a Family Sing Along

Get your family together even just once a week to sing some of the songs you know together! - ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Day-O. You’d be a) keeping those ever-restless kids occupied for a moment and b) generating real feelings of togetherness and bonding. Singing with others actually releases oxytocin, the chemical involved in social bonding and instrumental in the feelings of togetherness and friendship, while also activating serotonin and dopamine, two powerful neurotransmitters responsible for our moods. 

Even just in a recital in which one person sings one song, you sing the next, etc.—the act of listening when singing in groups actually synchronizes your brain with the other singers. If your brain waves themselves are synchronized, that would sure be a way to make you feel closer to others wouldn’t it?!



6. Celebrate Successes as a Family

When you hit a musical achievement:

  • Learn a new song
  • Practice 5min a day for 5 days in a row
  • Earn your Musical Ladder Trophy or wristband with us!

Celebrate it as a family - take a family photo with your trophy, perform your new song for family and friends, earn a reward for practice time commitments! 

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is SUCCESS!” (quote box off chrissy something to stand out)



Here’s to our Creative Soul Families Music Success this Summer!



- Casey Thomas, Founder of Creative Soul Music School

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