Piano Lessons Help Students Perform 34% Higher on Tests

Posted by  Samantha Thomas, on Jan 12, 2012 5:37:00 PM

"Research shows piano students are better equipped to comprehend mathematical and scientific concepts."

Second graders were divided into three groups: one group received private piano lessons; a Pence FINAL 12 11 11 resized 600second group received private computer lessons; the third group received no training.

Based on this study, the children who received piano lessons performed 34% higher on school tests, measuring spatial-temporal ability better than the others - even those who received computer training. 

"Spatial-temporal" is basically proportional reasoning-ratios, fractions, proportions and thinking in space and time. This concept has long been considered a major obstacle in the teaching of elementary math and science."

(Reference: Suburban Parent Magazine January 2012 and Neurological research, February 28th 1997)

We have definitive proof from this study (and others out there) that music education is important for our child's education and intellectual growth. 

And while most of us love music, there is an added benefit of actively participating in the practice of it. 

For instance, when someone listens to music, their brain is activated to decode each element of the song and combine it again to hear the song as one piece. On the contrary, music players activate their brain in a way that is equivalent to a full body workout. Learn more about the benefits of listening vs. playing music. 

Want to Enroll Your Child in Piano Lessons?

Our piano lessons at Creative Soul School of Music are fun and creative. We engage young learners in a way that encourages them to be passionate about music instead of burnt out. 

Creative Soul instructors use contemporary techniques to facilitate good development while also playing all styles of music to make music learning fun for kids. 

We'll also help your kids learn to perform the music they've learned in their lessons, which helps instill confidence in their skill. 

Get started today and help your child develop a new skill and aid in their intellectual development.


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