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Southlake Piano Lessons

Piano lessons offer many long-term benefits to children, even if they don’t go on to enjoy a career in music. Children who learn any instrument do better in school, have higher self-esteem, and tend to concentrate better than their peers. They also learn a skill which will provide them with lifelong enjoyment and an appreciation for a broad range of musical styles.

Here in Southlake you have several options if you want your child to learn how to play the piano. You can choose in-home piano lessons, or you can come to our convenient location in the 280 Sports Complex.

There are many advantages to school-based piano instruction.

Why choose a music school instead of home-based instruction?

  • All our instructors have a professional music background. They are experienced, and have been thoroughly vetted. All our instructors have instrument-specific music degrees, or equivalent performance credits. You’ll know you’re paying trustworthy individuals to provide your child with high-quality instruction.
  • A home-based piano teacher is a single individual who gets sick, goes on vacation, and may not always arrive on time. We have multiple instructors, so there is always someone on hand to teach when it’s time for lessons.
  • Advanced Instruction. At Creative Soul we even teach improvisation and songwriting, two skills which amateur in-home piano instructors do not tend to offer.
  • Instrument Variety. We have multiple acoustic and digital pianos on site, which means your child gets to experience both. Most families can only afford one piano.
  • Performance Opportunities. Some in-home piano instructors do take pains to arrange performance opportunities for their students, but not all. At Creative Soul you can ensure your child receives multiple opportunities not just to learn, but to perform.

We invite you to stop by so you may explore our learning environment, meet our instructors, and talk to some of the other parents and students before making your decision.

Meet Our Instructors

We have many piano instructors at Creative Soul School of Music Southlake. Our instructors have varying levels of experience - from piano specialists in education, worship leaders, accomplished soloists, singer/songwriters or local performers. They also have bachelor's degrees in music. 

Every one of our piano instructors started right where your child is: a young person with a desire to learn a new instrument. This desire blossomed into a lifelong passion and a series of fulfilling careers. Each of them is eager to pass this passion on to your children.

    • Priscilla – Has 20 years of experience teaching piano in over 40 countries.
    • Alan – A piano specialist with a BS in Learning Technology with specific studies in Music Production and Sound Design. Alan is Theory Proficiency Exam Certified, and has earned Edexcel Level 3 Certification in Electronic Music Production and Ableton Live DAW Software.
    • Natalie – An experienced pianist and worship leader with 11 years of piano experience, as well as a BS in Music. She is currently pursuing her Master’s of Music Degree.
    • Loralee – An accomplished soloist with a BA in Music.
    • Kyle – An accomplished local performer with over a decade of experience, currently pursuing his music degree.
    • Cydney – Holds a BA in Music and Worship Ministry.
    • Jonathan – 8 years of experience as a singer/songwriter, pursuing a degree in Music Therapy.

To learn more, visit our Southlake location today. 

We’re at 280 Commerce St. #195. Or call us at (817) 764-1074. We’ll be happy to show you around!