Southlake Guitar Lessons

According to The Parenting Blog, guitar lessons provide kids with a lot of benefits. Learning and mastering this skill provides kids with better self-esteem. As they practice and continue to grow with their instrument they tend to develop better self-discipline and concentration. These benefits can go on to help students improve their academic performance.

Here in Southlake you have several options for providing your kids with guitar lessons. While you could visit a guitar store or seek in-home instruction, taking advantage of your local music school offers many benefits.

Music School: Southlake’s Best Option for Guitar Lessons

If you want your kids to learn guitar from experts in a stable, safe, and child-friendly environment it’s hard to beat Creative Soul. Each of our instructors has been hand-picked for their passion, fitness to work with children, credentials and performance credits. We’ve already done all the work of checking backgrounds and conducting interviews, so you don’t have to.

Guitar stores do offer lessons, but those are geared towards adults. The qualifications of the instructors tend to run the gamut. In addition, the lessons take place in a back room, where the hustle and bustle of the customers can serve as a distraction.

In-home instructors run the gamut of qualifications as well, and place a burden on you: the burden of trying to decide if the new instructor will be a trustworthy and positive addition to your child’s life.

Finally, a single instructor, whether in a store or in your home, can only really provide his or her own perspective on the instrument. Our instructors combine to offer expertise in every guitar style. We’ll expose your child to rock, jazz, the blues, country and more. Your young guitarist will gain a broader musical appreciation and the tools he or she needs to passionately pursue his or her own style.

Our Southlake Guitar Instructors

Ready to meet our guitar instructors at Southlake? Check out our instructors at Creative Soul School of Music

  • Priscilla Grey – 20 years of experience as a musician, country and oldies enthusiast.
  • Natalie Hoffman – 7 years of guitar experience, passionate about worship music of every kind.
  • Devon McCauley – An expert in acoustic “Swing Rhythm” guitar; is also a jazz and country enthusiast.
  • Loralee Pearman – 15 years of performance experience, has authored hundreds of songs and performs throughout the Dallas area.
  • Jean Bougazelli – 7 years playing in a local rock band, adept at helping students express their own creativity.
  • Matthew Boden – Pursuing his Master’s Degree in Media Arts and Worship, worship music enthusiast.
  • Alex Lavell and Cort Pease, two of our newest instructors who are excited about helping young guitar players find their niche.

Your Next Steps

Visit our school in the 280 Sports Complex, tour our building, talk to our teachers and come see our relaxing parent’s area! You’ll find us at 280 Commerce St. #195.