Student Rock Bands - Ages 7 through Adult

Rock Band at Creative Soul Music School

Two Great Rock Band Classes

Student Band Tour

  Weekly Band Practice with Instructor

  Performance Gig at Term End

  Three Addtional Gigs

  Weekly Band Rehearsal Space


Rock Band 101

  Weekly Band Practice with Instructor

  Performance Gigs 3 a year


What Is the Difference?

Student Band Tour...

Otherwise known as "SBT" is for the student that wants to take their experience to the next level. Between the three additional gigs and 90-minute rehearsal space with your band, students will get a taste of what it's like to be a "traveling act."

Rock Band 101...

Is great for beginners--for those that have picked around a little, or even for those that have never picked up an instrument, Rock Band 101 is the place for you. You'll be on your way to a full-fledged band experience in week one. And perform at an end of the term concert!

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Why Choose A Band?

  • Learn and improve instrument motor skills
  • Build peer relationships and improve teamwork skills
  • Learn responsibility and accountability - Your band is counting on you to bring all you can to practice every single week
  • Commitment terms required for all band members
  • Accountability for caring and maintaining your instrument, as well as showing up for practice prepared
  • Learn stage presence and confidence building skills
  • Learn to be a leader in your local school, church, or community
  • Most important: Have fun!




How It Works

  • Get placed in a band-grouped by age and skill level
  • Learn Skills on an Instrument -Guitars, Bass, Voice, Keys, Drums
  • Instruction by our rockin' staff
  • Perform! (See Full Calendar for performance dates & info)
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