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Student Band

Our Rock & Worship Bands provide the most unique music group learning opportunity and performance experience for our students Ages 8 through Adult. Here at Creative Soul School of Modern Music we believe the Band Program is a great place for students to learn an instrument while practicing and performing with their peers. The most amazing thing is that there is NO EXPERIENCE needed! We take students who have never picked up an instrument and let them join a band. While working in your band, you and your band mates get to choose the songs that you want to perform and their music at local venues. You will also get to play a part in promoting and building a fan base for your band. It is a great place for students to take on peer accountability and leadership roles as well. Peer teaching helps students learn from and with each other in ways in which are mutually beneficial, sharing knowledge, ideas and experience. This develops a strong connection between band members and fosters teamwork and camaraderie. The best part about our band program is that the students get to perform at our live venue for your family and friends at the end of the term. Our Student Band Tour bands get recruited to play at local venues, Battle of Bands, charity, festival, & other events throughout the year. (See full calendar for event dates). Creative Soul believes that performance builds student confidence and drives student motivation in learning.

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