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Keller Guitar Lessons

Learning to play guitar can help your children open their minds and make new friends. Guitar lessons can also help your children out academically. Sending your children to take guitar lessons at our Keller location will also give them a new skill they can enjoy for a lifetime!

Of course, here in Keller you also have a lot of options for getting your children into the guitar. There are several guitar schools to choose from, and there are private instructors in town as well.

Creative Soul Music School vs. Other Options

First, let's talk about the guitar store option. While there are many fine musicians working at these stores, and they certainly sell some outstanding musical equipment, the lessons taught at these locations are designed for adults. Kids need patience, encouragement, and fun. An instructor who doesn't know how to deal with kids can put them off music for life.

There's also the safety issue. Our instructors undergo criminal background checks and are cleared to work with children. They take drug tests, too. You don't have that assurance when you go to a guitar store.

You've got the same problem if you go to a private instructor. Even if you're bringing the instructor into your own home you want to be sure this person is going to be a positive influence on your kids. The only way to be sure would be to perform your own background checks and drug tests.

In either case you're also left having to evaluate the quality of these instructors for yourself. If you're not a musician attempting to evaluate the qualifications of a teacher is a hit-and-miss proposition. They may have credentials which look good on paper but which do not translate into high-quality instruction in the real world.

By bringing your children to Creative Soul Music School of Keller you eliminate all these problems. You also know there will always be an instructor on hand for your child.  No skipped lessons due to sick days or personal events. Your kids also meet other kids who are passionate about music, which means they make new friends. It's a win!

Check out our Guitar Instructors

All of our instructors move between all three of our locations. Your child could be studying with any of the guitar instructors listed on our site.

We all look forward to meeting you. Who knows, maybe someday your child will be front and center, playing on stage at the Keller Summer Nights Festival, or even the Fortress Festival

What's next?

Ready to get your child enrolled? Got more questions? Visit our Keller/Watauga location at 5633 Watauga Rd., Watauga, TX 76148, or call (817) 485-7464.

Step 1: Choose your Class

Private Lessons

Ages 3 through Adult - One-on-one Instruction.

Semi-Private Lessons

Ages 4 through Adult - Class with 2-3 students. Price per student.

Add a Parent Lessons

Student + Parent Instruction - Parents join in the learning fun! 

Step 2: Choose your Location

Keller Watauga

5633 Watauga Rd, Watauga, Texas 76148

 (817) 485-7464


 Step 3: View your Tuition

Keller Watauga

Be sure to check out our awesome team!