Fort Worth Guitar Lessons

According to Modern Day Moms, guitar lessons offer numerous benefits. Children who learn to play the guitar enjoy a better memory, improved creativity, discipline, increased concentration and more confidence than their peers.

Guitar is also a ton of fun. You’ll be gifting your child with a lifelong pathway for creative expression he or she will enjoy for many years to come.

Here in Fort Worth you have a lot of options to choose from. You could get an in-home instructor, you could take your child to numerous guitar stores in the area, or you could choose a musical education at a school like Creative Soul.

Music Schools vs. Other Options

First, let’s talk about the most common option—taking your child to a guitar store.

Usually, the lessons provided at guitar stores are geared towards adults. There is a world of difference between teaching adults and teaching children. The quality of the instruction varies from store to store as well. Finally, you can’t be sure that any given music store instructor has been cleared to work with children.

If you bring a guitar instructor into your home, or meet with a guitar instructor in his or her own home, you’re taking on the burden of background checks and drug tests. You’re stuck having to evaluate the qualifications of your chosen instructor as well. And you must work around the fact that a single instructor is human just like the rest of us. There may be weeks he or she can’t teach for a whole host of personal reasons.

When you come to a music school like Creative Soul, however, you eliminate most of these problems. Our instructors have already been interviewed, background checked, and chosen for their musical and instructional acumen. Each is passionate about working with children. They’ve been verified as trustworthy people who will create a safe environment for your child.

In addition, if one of our instructors gets sick there are numerous other options to take their place. Thus, your child gets the kind of consistency that builds proficiency.

Our Fort Worth Guitar Instructors

Our passionate guitar instructors are more than ready to help your child learn how to become passionate pickers. We have many different instructors from various backgrounds and experience - from classic rock music, swing, jazz, orchestra, worship and country. Many of our instructors also hold bachelor's degrees in music or music business.

    • Michael Peterson – Lead singer of a local classic rock band with decades of experience and training.
    • Devon McCauley – A specialist in acoustic “Swing Rhythm” guitar and a regular at gigs and contests around the state.
    • Caitlin Lusk – A children’s worship director dedicated to helping children grow through the power of music.
    • David Smith – Received a music degree from the Conservatory of Music in Havana; an internationally acclaimed musician who has toured around the world.
    • Cody Miller – A professional solo jazz guitarist and orchestral performer. Holds a BA in Music.
    • Ashley Ashton – A working local musician, both as a member of Tripweather, her band, and as a soloist.
    • Jillian Wyatt – A top-notch creative composer with a BS in Music Business.
    • Josiah Horton – Pursuing his Master’s degree in Vocal Pedagogy, holds a BA in Music.
    • David Tribble – Worship leader and singer/songwriter who helps to instill a strong work ethic in our students.
    • Sean Hildebrandt – Holds a BA in Music and is a talented local musician.
    • Cody Scott – Local up-and-comer pursuing a BA in Jazz Studies.

All our teachers will be happy to introduce themselves, answer any of your questions, and discuss why guitar might be an excellent choice for your child.

Your Next Steps

Visit our Fort Worth location at 5236 Hulen St., or call (817) 677-8506.