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Bro has played Bass Guitar for many years in many bands and enjoys all kinds of music. He started playing when He was about 18 and studied Bass Guitar and Music Theory in Boston at The School of Contemporary Music. Bro plays Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop, World, and Baroque, and has recording and performance credits in all of these styles. Currently Bro is performing with the Gary Devlin Band in and around North Texas and can be found on various social media platforms. He is also an accomplished composer and writer and incorporates composition and writing skills into his lesson plans. Music is a language and every person can learn it. "Being You" is what qualifies you to play music. Bro’s teaching method begins there and expands within the particular desires, passions and individuality of each and every student. His method is to teach the whole student, mind and body, the fundamentals of Ear Training, Technique, Notation and the number system in equal proportions. Students will learn songs and performance will always be a focus of the lesson. The beautiful sound of the bass guitar can be warm and sweet, or strong and funky. It's truly the glue that holds the music together. It's a great instrument and Bro is excited to share it with the curious and the ambitious at Creative Soul. Get in the groove ASAP with Bass Guitar lessons from an experienced player and teache