Meet Zachary. Keller Instructor bridging folk, metal & Christian rock


“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
- Albert Einstein

Today's Instructor Highlight Series continues with our newest member of the team, Zachary! You'll discover some interesting facts about Zachary, our newest Creative Soul Instructor, and some enlightening "Did you know that!?" facts about the instructors you may already know! So meet Zachary Lycans! On our Keller/Watauga location staff, he's guiding his students to succeed, teaching Bass lessons, Guitar essons, and Banjo lessons, and Mandolin lessons. Read more about Zachary:

New Instructor Highlight: ZACHARY LYCANS

Touring musician bridging the gap from FOLK to METAL to CHRISTIAN ROCK.

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Zach has been playing music for more than 15 years. Starting with guitar, he eventually moved on to bass, mandolin and banjo. For several years he played and toured with the North Carolina based metal band, “Zeteo”. He has been writing his own music as long as he has been playing and currently writes with his wife for their folk rock duo, “Fledge”.


Zach has a passion for teaching and is currently a Ph.D. student at Southwestern Seminary, pursuing an educational career path. This passion for teaching and for music provides a good opportunity for students to learn how to love music.


Teaching: Bass/Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin @ Keller/Watauga


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