Tyler is currently earning his Bachelor's of Arts in Music Degree with a Vocal Emphasis from the prestigious Texas Christian University locally. With a diverse musical background, Tyler is proficient also in composing and arranging a multitude of genres, including pop, rock, jazz, classical, andcountry music & even Beatboxing & Vocal Percussion! He has a love for teaching & a commitment to communicating in a way students can understand and process their learning in a fun, engaging community and environment such as Creative Soul! He has been educated in courses such as Music Theory, Ear Training, Diction for Singers, and Music Education, Conducting, Fundamental Instrumentation Techniques, and Composing/Arranging. He was a student conductor for his High School Choir at A&M Consolidated High School. He was also a Section leader, Vocal Percussionist, and arranger for award-winningacapella group, A-Side. He also aided as a School music Librarian for 2 years, involved sorting, indexing, and cataloguing sheet music for future use. Creative Soul is ecstatic to have Tyler on our top notch Faculty Team!