With a Bachelor’s Degree and an extensive business & management background, Stephan’s love for music began at age nine. He was in church and heard the musicality of songs and could not stop staring at the musicians. He would sneak away to play drums when the church had potluck dinners. This drive and passion led him to learn various styles and approaches to music from jazz, corps, classical, to concert bands his love and relentless pursuit of music would always grow. This growth would lead him to teach music during college and start the passion to share his love of music with all. Stephan has a primary love for music & drums that he looks forward to share with our students! Between his long-time experience serving as a drummer at his church worship band & other volunteer opportunities, he values helping others succeed & being a part of creative teams serving others to accomplish goals. We are happy to have him partner with us in our shared Creative Soul mission and join our top notch teacher team!