Josiah, tenor, graduated with his Bachelor of Music degree in Church Music from Howard Payne University, where his primary instrument was voice and his secondary instrument was piano. This degree focuses on how to play and understand multiple instruments as well as teaching and leading the instruments to a various age group. At Howard Payne, Josiah worked in the precollege program and taught guitar, and Josiah was awarded the Outstanding Upper Class Vocalist. Currently Josiah is working on a M.M.C.M. Voice Pedagogy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. This degree focuses solely on how the voice operates and how to teach voice to others. Josiah has played guitar and piano for over ten years now starting before his academic pursuits. Josiah has a passion for teaching and wants his students to learn not only how to play, but how to be musicians. His number one goal for a student is to allow the student the freedom to perform music, and not be afraid of failure.