Ashley has been playing piano since the age of 7, and also continues her music education to this day. She comes from a musical family: her dad was a bass singer in a quartet, both of her grandparents were professional pianists/organists, her grandpa played at a huge church for 30+ years. She picked up guitar in high school at the age of 16 in high school, and has played guitar on many of her own recordings over the years. Ashley is a working local musician, and while she has also played frequently in New York state, she is currently playing as a solo act and with her band Tripweather, in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Ashley has played keys with several Fort Worth bands, including Saloon Piano, Blurry Street and more. She has been teaching piano since 2002, and loves nothing more than to see her students succeed in music. Ashley firmly believes that piano will help you with any instrument you are trying to play, or just music in general, you can't go wrong with piano!