With a love for teaching, working with kids, & music, Ahmod has a Bachelor's Degree & professional experience in Music Production. As a Site Director, teacher & EC Inclusion Facilitator for Keller ISD, Ahmod has a heart for teaching all students, including those with high disabilities. He led programs nationally & internationally & developed the PEACEJAM project for schools. As a DJ & Music Producer, he is the MC for local weddings and parties, helping others to create new ways to create music and aid in finishing major projects. Other honors of his include: National Marines Great Bandsman Award, 2004.& Dean’s List, 2008-2010. He was also Nominated for the project, Malawi Literacy Kid-to-Kid Knowledge Exchange & received the NEA Youth Leaders for Literacy Grant, 2009. Other grants & awards he has received include: Barber, E., Smith, T., Camp, A., Penn, B.S., Penn, B.C., Wright, E., Webb, M., Gibson, M., Wilson, W. & Fails, S. (2011). SMART Tutoring for Social Justice & Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro.Barber, E., Camp, A., Rushing, J. & Strickland, L. (2010). National Education Association Youth Leaders for Literacy Award. We're ecstatic to have Ahmod on our top rated Creative Soul Faculty Team!