Jonathan is a Singer/Songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas. Jonathan started learning guitar when he was 8 years old, and sang in choir and played in the band all throughout high school. He started guitar because of his love of blues and folk music. He went to UNT to major in music therapy. The idea of using music to help people sounded very fulfilling to him. He worked at children's camp in Athens, Texas for two years and volunteered there countless times for the past seven years. Working at the camp instilled his love of working with kids especially in a music environment. When Jonathan isn't playing music, he's probably watching movies! He loves film, and welcomes any movie knowledge challenges you have for him. Jonathan also has the incredible talent of being able to whistle and hum at the same time. Jonathan loves and can respect all types of music, but his favorite to play and sing are Blues and Folk music. He has two dogs named Sassy and Ginger. Jonathan loves the idea of introducing music into kids lives. He believes music is the ultimate way a kid and express themselves, and that's important for every child's development. "Where words fail, music speaks"