Creative Soul: Instructor Spotlight - Josh Brown

Posted by  Alyssa McCraw, on Oct 31, 2012 1:15:00 PM

Check out the latest addition to our Instructor Spotlight video series, featuring the incredible Josh Brown!  Josh has previously toured with artists such as Switchfoot and teaches a multitude of instruments.


Piano Lessons at Creative Soul

Piano lessons at Creative Soul School of Music are a great place to your start if your child is just starting out with music. Piano is a great instrument to learn to help your child study other instruments later. 

It is easy to play from the start and quicker than other instruments to create great sound. It also is a great place to start in learning to read music. 

At Creative Soul School of Music, we focus on the fundamentals of playing piano while also letting students play popular music they love. This helps our students get excited about learning to play so they won't quit right after they've begun. 

Our piano students will learn to play, understand the importance of healthy piano practice and have chances to perform what they're learning. 

Students will have the opportunity to play on a keyboard or piano. We have both instruments at our music schools. 

What Types of Lessons Do We Offer?

For our piano classes, we offer several different lesson options for our students: 

  • Private Lessons
  • Semi-Private Lessons
  • Add a Parent Lessons

These classes can be attended at any of our 3 Creative Soul Music locations, including: 

We are excited to teach your child how to play and encourage his/her love for music from a young age. We also enjoy teaching the parents, as well, so they can play and learn along with their child. 

If you have questions about our piano lessons or other lessons we offer at Creative Soul School of Music, please request more info on our website or give us a call. We are happy to help you get started! 

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