Creative Soul: Instructor Spotlight - Roscoe Justice

Posted by Alyssa McCraw on Aug 18, 2012 12:25:00 PM

Our Instructor Spotlight this week is Roscoe Justice - one of our student band directors at Creative Soul School of Music in Fort Worth, Texas. In this video, he will show you how to move around between the "E" and "A" strings on the guitar to help you as you progress as a guitarist.


Guitar Lessons at Creative Soul School of Music

Want to learn more on the guitar? Learn more about our guitar lessons at Creative Soul.

Our one-on-one guitar lessons take students through popular and modern techniques. We teach tabs, chords and harmony, songwriting and composition, as well as music production. Teachers like Roscoe use modern songs and creative techniques to engage young beginners or struggling learners. 

We offer private guitar lessons from age 3 to adults, semi-private lessons age 4 to adult (includes 2-3 students) and lessons for the student and parent, if the parent is also interested in learning how to play guitar.

Guitar lessons are available at our Fort Worth, Keller or Southlake location.

You can request more information by filling out our online form or giving us a call at one of our three locations.


See What Others Are Saying  About Guitar Lessons at Creative Soul

"This place rocks the burbs! My son wanted to take guitar, so we inquired with the talented musicians at Creative Soul. They based their approach on my son's musical interests, goals, and current skills. After 6 months with a one-on-one instructor, he was ready to progress to "Rock Band." Now he practices with his "band" an hour a week to prepare for "concerts" (recitals). He feels like he's part of a true group, they keep each other motivated to do well, and his confidence has increased as well. This is a great place if you want a progressive approach to learning an instrument."

-Creative Soul Parent

"Not your traditional classical music lesson. My 10 year old daughter and I take guitar lessons at the Creative Soul School of Modern Music. She also takes piano lessons from a wonderful lady who focuses on classical music. She loves both lessons, but I will admit that she practices her guitar with much more enthusiasm than her piano. One of the key reasons I believe is that she gets to help select the music that we learn. That makes practicing at home that much more fun for her. I have had the pleasure to meeting and working with several of the instructors and they have all been wonderful teachers and they have a genuine desire to help all their students succeed, even an old fart like me."

-Creative Soul Parent, Kendall 

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