Homeschool & Family Bands

Homeschool and Family Bands at Creative Soul

Homeschool bands are formed in order to give students the opportunity for peer-to-peer learning with other homeschoolers in their community. In addition to receiving music education, students will build confidence and character skills alongside fellow students. These classes choose their style of music: from worship to christian rock, to country and even more contemporary genres. Classes are held during the week on your off-peak hours, and have discounted tuition rates available.

Family bands are are a unique form of music education and fun. Siblings are grouped together. Each member then chooses different instruments to learn and play alonside their family members. For added fun, parents can also join and learn alongside their children. Classes are held during our regular school hours, after school, and Saturdays. All have discounted tuition rates available.

How It Works:

  • Participants are grouped by age & skill level
  • Instrument mix of: guitars (up to three), bass, voice, keys, drums (up to two)
  • Professional instructors with high level education in music, performance, and/or teaching will help you grow and develop your band.
  • Performance opportunities are offered throughout the year. **See full calendar for performance dates.