3 Secrets to Buying a Piano or Keyboard

**1st secret is that most low-end beginner keyboards are the hardest to play.  

The fact is that the cheap keyboards are super easy to make mistakes on.  

The keys are so light that it is easy to hit right note. 

If you are going to buy a keyboard then I would choose either 

Yamaha YPG 535 YPG 535.jpg


Or  Yamaha P-45.  (No frills just good action)

Yamaha P-45.jpg

2nd Secret

**So many friends/family have pianos they do not play.  Ask them for their piano to borrow or purchase.

Ask your friends and family. You will be super surprised how many of their kids have long gone to college and want the space back.  

Or maybe they inherited a piano and no one plays. 

Send a facebook post or email and see what you might find.


3rd Secret--  

**If you buy a used piano you can actually get a return on your Piano Purchase.

I love love love pianos and I think everyone should have an acoustic piano but that's because my pianos have given me a return of connecting with people and family.

But you can buy one used and make some money.

You can buy them for $150 to $250, pick them up, tune them $100 and get the kids to paint them a crazy color like Fuscia.  

No only is this great for getting the kids into lessons but if you use furniture paint you can sell this same piano for $450--$600.  

Look for Baldwin Pianos.  There is many more that I would buy but these are the most solid for that price point.  Wurlizter's are good but can be hit or miss.  

Fill out the form and ask us.  We love to help.  If you want a whole bunch more information.